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   Chapter 43 _43_

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Just one day have passed since Bryce was gone. My dad came not long ago after rescuing team left my apartment. They insisted for me to go with them and see a doctor, but I did not follow them. There was no physical harm done. I just needed my dad for emotional comfort, as I felt completely devastated by Bryce's attack.

Right now we were sitting in police main office. They said, it has something to do with my android, but I had no clue, what that could be. I still felt emotionally unstable, especially when someone mentioned him. Maybe they want us to report his attack on me?

In the small office room came in a policeman in civil clothing, the same age as my father, with a Micro-H-tab in his hands.

"Hello, Mr Elkwood, Ms. Thank you for responding to our request and coming here so soon. I will show you one picture and you tell me if you know him. OK?"

Me and my father nodded simultaneously. Detective gave us his tablet, there was a picture, a picture with Bryce in front of camera. I looked up at the man in front of me, totally puzzled.

"So, do you recognize this face?"

"Yeah... It is Bryce. My ..... android." I said unsure. Did Bryce do something else? In the picture his face shows the same sort of emotions as night before.

"Android? Are you sure about that? He does not seem to be like one to me."

"Detective, what is a problem? Tell us, why are we here?" said my father.

"Your android, " detective waved the tablet at me "killed one of CyRo employees last night. And now he is gone, who knows were. He is loose, that maniac robot is walking free on the Amber streets. You understand, that people are


"Alright. Bye!"

We exited detective's office. There were few corridors we went through. Some people were coming my way, but I paid no attention to them, as my thoughts were spinning around the video I saw earlier and what I saw in it.

"You! It was you! Your fault! Because of you and your stupid robot, my husband is dead now!" A blond woman in front was yelling at me and crying in the same time. "He killed him! For no reason! You, rich snobby bitch! You think you can get away with anything, because you have money and power? I will show you! I will make your life a living hell! Do you hear me! You will wish you were never born."

"Get her out of here!" said some officer, who was escorting her.

"Honey, don't take her seriously. She is just upset, as we are. Don't worry. Nothing is gonna happen to you. I am going to protect you Kyra. Just stay with me through this and be strong."

My father's words felt so comforting. If I would be alone at this moment, I would have lost my sanity by now.

One thought dwells in my mind.

What the future holds in store for me?

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