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   Chapter 41 _41_

A living THING By SBany Characters: 5717

Updated: 2018-07-18 17:47

I open my eyes after a good night sleep. Some sun rays shine in to my face from the far end of my living room. A smile appears on my lips and I cannot remove it. I cuddle deeper in my blankets and savor the feeling of the strangely beautiful dream I had.

I was in my garden with Bryce. The atmosphere was calm and sunny, rays of sun shining on us from above. I don't remember, what we talked about or anything at all. The only thing that stayed in my mind, was his gentle kiss, he placed on my lips. His warm lips. It was so strange. He seemed so human, there was nothing that reminded me about his robot origins. And I felt so relaxed and happy. No fear, no nervousness. Nothing. Just enjoyment of that precious moment.

I am awake now, but I can still feel the sensation of his kiss lingering on my lips, warm and gentle. I turn around in my bed and I am faced with no one other, then Bryce himself, sitting on a couch next to my sleeping place. A slight embarrassment creeps up on my cheeks, remembering my dream. I hide my face under a blanket, only my eyes are left uncovered. I try to hide my smile, I mentally try to subside it, but to avail. How can I think about him that way? He is still a robot, a machine. Maybe he can feel, have some emotions, but I think he can not have more complex ones, like love, deep love I crave. We can never have such future together. I scold myself for having such thoughts and try to forget my wonderful dream. Bryce is looking at me. His eyes gleaming with emotions. He has a small smile plastered on his lips. His lips. My gaze slides down from his eyes to his mouth. Oh my god. Stop thinking about him. Scooping soft blanket more to my arms, I quickly spin in other

industries will be pointless, until they find a cure or catch her.

I feel Bryce come up to me from behind. His breath hitting my neck from above. I turn around to face him and look in his blue eyes, wondering of what he is thinking right now. We gaze at each other for a moment. What is he thinking? Does he want to say something? His hands rise up and cup my face, his warm fingers unwillingly tickling my skin. My. Breath hitch in my throat of the surprising act. Before I can even blink, I feel his lips connect with mine. Warm and soft. I feel myself drift somewhere far away, away from this reality. It is like my dream, only we are in different place. Like a dream. The warmth of his..... What? My eyes fly open of the sudden realization. I put my hands on his, he is still holding my face, and pry them away from me. I push him slightly away from me and our lips part. His hands warm, his lips the same. A kiss from him doesn't seem so shocking, as his body temperature. All Bryce does, is looks at me puzzled.

"What.... what is wrong with you, Bryce?" my breathing gets quicker as time passes. "What is happening to you now?"

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