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   Chapter 40 _40_

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"Don't look at me like that! It is for your own good." I said in quiet voice to Bryce, while standing in reception area.

His eyes fixed on me with a gleam of hurt and disappointment. I wasn't happy about coming here as well, but Bryce's sudden energy loss made me do it.

"If you would tell me honestly, what is happening to you, then maybe we could skip this kind of activity. I know you are ... "I stopped myself from talking farther.

I almost said it in front of Angela. This is not the right place to talk about his infection. Totally not the right place. I shut my lips tight from spilling more unnecesery information about his condition.

"I don't know, what is happening to me." Bryce stated calmly.

"Then why do you object so much for coming to this place? I don't understand?"


"Hello! Is it Ms Elkwood?" my bodyguard got interrupted before he could voice any words.

A man with blond, short hair was standing behind Bryce. He had a small Micro-H-tab in his hands and same usual white coat. I noticed, all human staff had them, almost letting them blend in with white colors of the interior.

"Yeah, it is me." I poked my head to have better view of the person I was talking to.

"What seems to be a problem, Ms?"

"Uhm... It looks like he has shortage of energy. This morning he did not respond to me at all. It looked like he was off completely. It looked like he was sleeping. But he have never splept. Is it normal?"

"Well, normally not. Do you have his manual? Maybe there we can find something about the problem."

"No. I don't have it." I glanced at Bryce and then back at the mechanic. "It got destroyed."

"That's a problem. Then we will have to find it ourselves. What is his model?"

"SCS-6." came my bodyguard's low rumbling voice.


"It is you again, lady!"

My head turned the other way and I saw a man, who was doing Bryce's SEB infection testing before. A man with blond hair took my android with him and I was left alone with the other one.

"What happened this time, Ms? Did he got infected again?"

His tone was mocking and arrogant. I did not like, how h


"Bryce?" I said quietly.

This time he was back with his normal self. He looked the same as before he left, the same emotions playing on his face.

"Ms Elkwood! I checked up on him, but I found nothing wrong with his systems. He seems to be perfectly fine, his behaving too. I could not detect anything abnormal."

"Then, what was the meaning of his blackout? What is that about?"

"As I don't have his manual, I cannot be completely sure, why it happened. But most likely it is trait you have selected at his programming stages or a power save mode. Though, he does not need to save it, he still have that option. On a conclusion, there is nothing to worry about. Ah... Before I leave. There is another thing." He takes some steps towards Angela and reaches for something on her desk. "Well, I suppose it does not affect you directly, but I will give you this emergency contact card anyway, in case you have some problems with our robot or any robot in general. It is mostly for SEB infected robot attack emergencies. If something happens to you, call this number, and a team will come for your rescue. But I doubt you will need it for you current robot."

He gave me a small digital tablet like card with numbers on it. I took it with slightly shaking hands and looked at Bryce. He starred right in my eyes. I knew, he was infected, but I hoped, the day will never come, when I will need to use this number.

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