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   Chapter 39 _39_

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For a second I thought, he is off completely – dead, as this kind of situation have never happened before. I was waiting for his response. He was still lying in my bed on his back, just looking at me with blank face expression.

?Oh, my god! Bryce! Answer me!" I got closer to him and put my hands on the sides of his face, shaking him gently. ?Bryce!" I could feel a tiny bit of tears well in my eyes. ?Wake up!"

He blinked. Bryce rose up, knocking me backwards by his sudden movement, but before I could hit my bed, he grabbed me by my upper arms, holding me in place.

?I am fine, Kyra! Don't worry!" he said with a small frown on his face.

?How? No, you are not! Did you see yourself right now! You did not respond. And... and ... what happened to you?" I was slightly panicking.

My head was still hurting like mad, but it was nothing, compared to my beating heart.

?I will call CyRo. I can't leave it like this."

?Don't..... don't do it." his hold got tighter on my arms.

?NO! BRYCE! I will do it. You need to see a doctor. I... I mean – a mechanic."

?A doctor? You need to see a doctor yourself. Do you even know, what happened to you last night?" he rose his voice. Bryce have never talked to me in such tone, it shook my being. My hands made a slight shiver, I got out of his grasp and backed off a little bit farther away from him.

?What? What happened?" I asked, my voice quiet and unsure.

He observed me for a moment, his eyes lingering on my body, on my almost naked form, for too long. Too long for my comfort. I averted my gaze back at myself. Why I suddenly felt uncomfortable in his presence? It have never bothered me, Why now? I scooped up a lavender colore

d. I disconnected the call and with shaking hands put the ring on my finger, I will need it anyway. I inhaled a deep breath and collected myself. It has to be done!

Looking back at my android, I said in hard tone: ?Change and get ready! You can't show up there in such a look!"


We were waiting beside Angela for a CyRo's mechanic to arrive and take Bryce for check up. There must be something up with his systems. And I know, it has nothing to do with his infection. From the information I have received so far, I know that SEB infects only the main chip of a robot and do not damage any mechanics or such.

Bryce is very upset about all this, he does not want to come here. Seems like he doesn't even care about his own life. How does it come, he cares more about me than himself? Do I really have take all responsibility about his life. He has normal functioning 'brain' himself. He should be aware, that possible damages to his system, can end his existence. Maybe he is afraid, they will find out about the SEB infection? But the first time he got through and this is not the testing for a virus. He should be OK.

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