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   Chapter 38 _38_

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I opened apartment door, with her still in my hands. She was so small and light, I almost couldn't feel her weight. On the way home she woke up many times, but blacked out as much. She was total mess and it pained me to see her in such a state. She didn't deserve to be treated like this, but that man paid for his mistake.

I felt her waking up again, I walked to her bed and laid her gently down on it. She was holding on to my jacket strongly with clutched fingers.

"Please, no! Don't let me go! Please!" She mumbled quietly with a pleading tone in her voice.

I gently pried her fingers open and let go of her. She needs a proper sleep. First, I took her necklace and put it on the table beside her bed. She needs to take of her clothing, it looks uncomfortable. It takes time for me find a place were this piece meant to be opened, but I finally get a hold of a zipper on the right side of her body. I peal off the top of the clothing from her shoulders and carefully slide it down her breasts and further down to her hips, my fingers slightly tracing her soft skin. It is so smooth, I take my hand and slide it down her upper torso another time, to fully feel it's smoothness and warmth. It is something new to me, as I have never touched her in this kind of manner before, just that only time, when I first started to feel. But she freaked out and I didn't attempt another try, though, I desperately wanted to feel it again. Is this, what humans feel or they feel something more, I wonder.

"Hihi ha! What are you doing?" Kyra says playfully, but her eyes are still closed. "Who are you?"

She smiles and finally open her eyes, but seems she does not register me or just doesn't recognize her own bodyguard.

I quickly yank her remaining clothing from her body and stand beside a bed while looking at her frustrated. Frustrated of seeing her in this miserable state, where she doesn't know, where she is or with who. Where she would have ended up, if I wasn't around in the right time? Probably in someone else's bed or in even worse place.

I don't know, what is this new emotion I am feeling, but

in to tight hug. She just needs to calm down. Kyra continued sobbing in my chest, as I was gently stroking her dark haired head.

"I am so scared! So scared, Bryce!"

"Don't be... scared...." I said quietly.

After some time her cries stopped and she fell asleep in my arms. Poor thing. I could never imagine, what she is going through, as I probably have never felt anything so strong, as she does and humans in general.

I felt very odd, like my energy levels were low, but how? It lasts forever. I feel tired. Is there something wrong with me?

Kyra's POV.

I woke up. In my own bed? Weird. Last thing I remember, I was in 'Synthetic Beats'. Why am I here now? My head is hurting like hell, like it would want to explode any minute now. My clothing is removed and I am left only in my underwear. I turn around in my bed and see Bryce next to me, 'sleeping'. His back is turned against me and I have no clear view of his face. Why is he in my bed? What happened last night?

"Bryce? Bryce?"

Why is he not responding?

"Bryce!" I feel a slight panic in me. I shook him by his shoulder. Few seconds later, he starts to move and slowly turns my way.

"Bryce! What is happening with you? You were off for a moment. Or longer? We have to call CyRo immediately."

I was so worried. Is there something wrong with his system? Looked like he was sleeping, but he never sleeps. What is happening?

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