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   Chapter 37 _37_

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I moved through the crowd. Everything seemed get blurry, while I tried to find my way to bathroom. Turning slightly back, I saw the same man following me not far behind. What is his problem? I felt a wave of sickness and fastened my walk.

After exiting the dance floor, I saw a long corridor. Few people were leaning against the walls and talking to their night partners. In the end of it, I saw a bathroom sign, but it looked like it is located farther down the corridor to the right. There were no people so far down and I had a chance to balance myself against the dark wall. Finally I reached it. It was empty. I looked in to the mirror, but saw almost nothing, my reflection was blurry, I couldn't make out any detail of myself. A cold water might help me. I opened the tap and let it run on my week hands. Haha! This is so funny. Another laugh left my lips. Partly, I didn't understand, what was so funny, but I couldn't remove, now present, smile from my face. I stepped back from a sink counter and lost my balance.

"Whoa! Haha hi hi!"

As I almost fell flat on my bum, I felt two strong hands catch me before I connected with a floor. This person was holding my waist under my arms, like I was a small child and his breath was hitting the side of my face.

"Ha hihi! Thank you! You saved me!" I said to this unknown man.

A man in woman's bathroom? Haha.... Who cares!

He steadied me, as I felt totally drained of power. The next thing I felt like loosing the ground under my feet. He picked me up.

"Whoa! You are strong!" I said excited between my light giggles.

I was in his hands. I felt his dark jacket on my cheek, as my head was resting against his chest. He did not say anything. The only thing I felt, was his steady movement, he was walking

quiet moans, he was almost unconscious. I looked at him and his destroyed face. While not leaving my eyes off this man, I took a hold of one of the shattered mirror pieces and stabbed it in on a base of his neck. More warm blood was coming out, but I did not let it cover my clothing. Looking around the dark bathroom, I noticed a spiky looking lamp, I lifted his body and hanged him on it, spikes piercing through his chest. The glass shard was still embedded in his neck.

Suddenly I remembered about Kyra, before leaving the bloody scene, I washed my hands to remove blood from me, if there was any. Luckily the room was empty and I had no need to get rid of another meaningless life.

Outside was no one in sight too. I opened the next door and saw a poor thing wobbling on her unstable feet. Before she could fall, I caught her and lifted her up in my arms. She looked totally out of her normal character, as she was mumbling something and laughing. I believe she had no clue who was holding her and what happened to her at all. The faster I take her out of here, the better.

I will take her home.

She passes out in my hands as I leave the club with Kyra in my arms.

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