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   Chapter 36 _36_

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The laud music could be heard from the main street. Club was located in somewhere in entertainment district near city center, not very far from my apartment. All of us looked very casual, blending in perfectly with people on the street. It was dark already, but the abundance of electric advertisements made everything look as bright as in daytime.

The club was called 'Synthetic Beats'. Finally after turning to the left from the main street, we entered a smaller alley, still full with people. From the outside it looked very ordinary. The main entrance was decorated with a neon light which was a punk DJ with red mohawk playing his beats - the entrance door was his beat box. It looked very creative. In front of the black sliding doors were standing two security guards - robot security guards. Their look matched the theme of the club.

We walked through. They didn't pay much attention to us, but stopped and looked at Bryce. My bodyguard just made and a subtle angry stare at them and left the security robots behind. They did not pay attention to us anymore and we proceeded deeper in to the club. Music was laud, they were playing synth-pop at the moment, but I had a feeling they do different styles of music. Probably cyber, EBM, industrial too. 'Synthetic Beats' were full with young people, dancing drinking by a bar, they seemed to be lost in their own worlds. Me and my friends squeezed through crowds of people, trying to find a place, were we could settle down. There was an empty spaces near a bar with a black counter, lined with a red neon lighting on the edge of it. On opposite side of it was a stage, but no one was on it at the moment. On the way there I felt a hands on my shoulders, holding me gently and leading me to our destination. I felt, that Bryce seems to be on guard, as his position was so close to me.

"Desert Dew for all of us!" I h

y drank his offered drink. Maybe he will leave after some time. There were more drinks coming my way. I felt myself getting tipsy.

"Do you want to try something new? This one is good. It is called 'Hangman'. Very good. Strong, but good. You will see."

"That is quite menacing title for a drink."

"Haha. It is. Just drink it."

He ordered one of it, while I was scanning the crowd again. Finally I noticed Bryce leaning against the wall on other side of the wide room. Again some girls were around him, but his eyes were focused at me. Thanks god. I wanted him to come and 'save me' from this man's company. Seconds later Bryce's expression changed in to a deep scowl turning in to an angry look. What was that about. Why he became angry all of the sudden? In meantime my next shot was ready and I drunk it in one go.

"Oh my. It is so strong!"

He just gave me his cheesy smile as I was squirming under the taste of it. I looked again in my bodyguard's direction, but he was gone. I could not see him anywhere. I started to feel really dizzy and sick. I need to go to bathroom. I didn't want to make the mess here around everybody.

"Will you excuse me? I have to use a bathroom."

He said nothing, just watched me before I leave.

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