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   Chapter 35 _35_

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?Kyra? Do you want to go with us to dance?"

?Dance? Not really. You know very well, I don't like to."

?Please! You might find some hottie out there. You need one. Are you planning to stay single forever?"

?Laura, I am not interested. It is not place for me and not the right place to find a guy."

?OK. You don't have to dance, we will. You can enjoy some time by a bar. There is lot of 'fish' around there too. You know what I mean."

?Alright. BUT I am not going to stay there whole night."

?Aahh ha ha!" I heard Laura squeak in happiness. ?It is been a long time, Kyra. We will have lots of fun."

?Yeah, fun for you!" I rolled my eyes. ?Then see you tonight, I guess?"

?Sure thing, honey! And don't forget to take Brycy!"

?Bryce? No man will come near me, seeing him."

?Don't worry, I will take care of him. Bye!"

?Bye!" I replied quietly after disconnecting Laura's call.

I wonder, what kind of place Laura will pick this time. She is clubbing very often and she knows lots of places, I have never been to. Last time I went together with her, for a night out, we ended up in a fighting arena type of disco place. It was crazy. Place was full with drunk people, smoke filled the air, people dancing while watching fights. How is that even possible? Watching people hit each other and dance in the same time. I remember, I was frozen in place most of the time. I could not move by the fright I was having, not even thinking about dancing. OK. That place is for Laura, as it is full with gorgeous man with no clothing. A paradise for her, I guess.

I got to go to much more formal events, where people were talking most of the time about businesses, politics, arrangements and that kind of things. I had to visit huge banquets and dinner parties, nothing like Laura's preferred places. Again, I felt nervous about the night. I didn't feel comfortable around so many people, around so many crazy people. Thankfully, Bryce is going to be with me, which makes me less afraid of something happening to me.

I have to find something to wear. If I would know, what kind of place it is, I would h

bed my android's arm and pulled him behind a wall in to the living room.

"Just a minute. You will get to see, after I am done dressing him."

"I think you wanted some time alone and do what you want with him, rather than just to dress him up, right?" Sharlene said to a disappearing form of Laura.

After some time they came out and a look of him scared me a little bit. The only thing that managed to keep myself calm, was his slight smile and relaxed face expression. Bryce had a black sleeveless jacket with a backbone resembling metallic accessories covering the back of it, where the real backbone should be. His chest was bare under it, showing everything he had on his body. A thick black metal belt was around his hips securing his black thick pants. Two same colored metal bracelets were on his arms, one smaller other one reaching almost to his elbow. Well, he did not look crazy, but the contrast between his previous clothes and now, made him look dangerous. A bad boy he seemed like. And his scarred jaw just added more roughness to him. He definitely did not leave the impression of the bodyguard.

"Kyra, just don't freak out! Remember, it is only Bryce."

"Don't worry. I am fine." I rubbed my forehead to remove the imaginary sweat. "What kind of place is it you are taking us?"

"You will like it. I did not pick anything crazy this time, trust me."

"I want to believe you, Laura."

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