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   Chapter 34 _34_

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"Sit down, please!"

"Just be careful. Don't put it there, where it is not needed. I don't want to look like a monster." Bryce smiled at me and sat down on a couch in my fathers living room.

"That's why I asked you to sit down. Otherwise I would have smeared it all over you face."

Bryce's wound have almost healed, just some minor scratches and scarring was left on his jaw and chest. But I see, it took longer to heal his damaged skin, than it should do. It's been one week, since we first started to do a healing treatment - applying CyRo's given cream. CyRo's employer said, it would take only few days, but now it is still visible after so long time. Why is it not healing properly? Never mind. I will just apply it on for couple of more days, maybe then his skin will be fixed. After that night in a greenhouse, I decided not to tell anybody yet about Bryce's infection. Though, he said, he is not infected, I still have the feeling he is. I think he didn't tell the truth to me. It took too long for him to respond. He wanted me to trust him, but I can't make myself.

The whole interaction made us to leave the past events behind us and focus on the future instead. He said, he is never going to hurt me, and I want to believe him. I know, I made a scene out of his actions, but he actually never hurt me. I am still shaky around him, but much less, than days before. I am working on it, on my unstable emotions and paranoia.

Bryce have become his old self, with these light emotions he has, smiling and that ever gleaming light in his eyes. I liked it, the way he looked. He made a gentle person's impression with his light smile. He said, he was very upset and disappointed, I sent him for testing. He felt, I did not trust him. He thought, I want him gone, because that is what they would do, if they would discover his infection - recycle him and uninfected parts would use for someone else, most likely. That thought never occurred in my

ts, making them unstable in their behavior, damaging their systems and leading to actions that are not acceptable in our society.

A clue have been left in a crime scene in EGOR warehouse, where the infection have been discovered. A suppose to be culprit, have left a single word message on one of the robots - 'SEB'. We assume it is name of this unknown virus. We will be reporting as soon as we get a new information about the case.

I couldn't believe, what I was reading. The whole factory was closed down, because of this virus - SEB virus. I looked at the picture on the top of the article. What does it mean? And who is doing all these things? Was it this woman - Natalie Leary? Was it really her? Why is she doing it? The way the message was placed, looked like a name tag put on a robot. Is it in fact a robot's name? I don't know. It is kind of not my problem. Police is working with it and they have more information about it than me. I glance over in direction, where my android is sitting. I caught him starring right at me.

We didn't say anything. Just looked at each other. Police is working hard to find a culprit and eliminate SEB virus, but I am keeping one of the infected at my home. I might get in trouble for keeping him here. Hopefully nobody will discover it, discover him.

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