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   Chapter 33 _33_

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I couldn't shake the the thought of Bryce's reaction out of my head. I stayed on the same patch of grass for couple of minutes and then continued my walk through greenhouse. In some parts, grass was taller, almost reaching my waistline. I spread my hands and skimmed through it with my fingers, feeling it's texture.

Now I remember, I have seen Bryce doing similar thing. On the day, Carlos came to inform us about the android attacks, I took Bryce to this area. To show him my very precious place for the first time to him. He seemed to be mesmerized, looking at the different trees and other plants, that decorated my greenhouse. And he did the same thing, skimming his palms through tall grass. First I didn't pay attention to him, but now, when I think about it. He was feeling it, the tall and rough grass stems. Did he actually feel something? He was also touching the leaves of the trees. This wasn't the first time he acted like this.

I remember my first time with him and this behavior occurred in elevator. He touched my hair, was holding them in his hands and it didn't seem he wanted to let them go. Also, next morning he was glazing his fingers on my cheeks. And today, the scene in front of my crops and the pained expression, when I touched his wounds. This can't be coincidence. He is feeling. I am sure of it. But what made him to experience such sensations? I have to think this thoroughly.

What Carlos told us? They found some neuron cells in one of the infected robots. Is this, why Bryce is able to feel. Is he infected? But how? I don't understand. We did the testing yesterday. He was fine. Maybe he was hiding his symptoms from them. CyRo's Angela said, it is psychological test. If Bryce is aware of everything, what is happening to him, then he might have managed to fool them. It is exactly like at home. With others, he is so normal, but around me, he is consciously or unconsciously showing his symptoms to me. Why? The only conclusion I have come up with at this moment - he is infected, definitely.

It seems nothing can surprise me now, after witnessing his behavior through all these month I have spent time with Bryce. After this realization, I feel afraid again. How far this virus can progress? In the beginning, he wasn't like this. He have become violent, thankfully not towards me, for now. I don't know, what to expect from him. If the infection is progre

motions free and let myself cry, to cry everything out.

"You are scared." he stated. "And do you think I am not. What you did to me yesterday. Do you think it did not scare me. The thought of never seeing you again. I trusted you. And I thought you trust me, but I think I was wrong."

"But... but how can I trust you? I can't, Bryce. I can't."

"How about, let go of your sense of logic for once. Let go of your stereotypes about robots and about me. I am not like any other robot."

"Yeah, you are not."

He released his hold on me and turned me around to face him. I wanted to see his face and his eyes, but the forest was too dark for me to pick up any detail shown in them. He pressed my sobbing body against his chest, but not so tight as before.

"One more thing." he said quietly "Never dare to send me away to CyRo again, never."

I rested my head on his chest as he was comforting me in some way. I felt his shirt is all wet from my crying, but I could not stop. Tears were falling and falling. Some of my fear have left me. Seems it helped me a little bit by talking to him. At least I got to know of what he was thinking.

After like an eternity, I felt myself calming down in his strong embrace. The thoughts of our conversation swirled through my mind. It is true. He is different than any other robot. But what makes him so different?

"Bryce?" My words are partly muffled in his chest, "Are you infected?"

There is a big pause after my question. My heart speeds up again. Why is he not answering? Did he hear me?

"No." Bryce answers after some time of thought.

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