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   Chapter 32 _32_

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Yesterday I finally got to know, that Bryce is not infected. I was so relieved to hear the results from Angela. Bryce came not too long after she delivered the news. He looked like on the day I got him, emotionless, calm. Like he was all new again. Did they do something to him? When he left, he had a mixture of emotions playing on his strong face, but now every trace of it was gone. What happened in there? What kind of test was it? I was little bit worried now and I didn't know about what. Just an uneasy feeling filled my body. He came closer and I instinctively backed off. He was still scarring me. Now it seemed for a different reason. Standing near him right now felt, like I am standing next to a completely different being. The only thing that seemed to be the same, was his starring, but it was a little bit different. There was something in his eyes, but again I couldn't describe, what I saw. My eyes were still teary, as I looked in his bright blue ones.

One guy who came with him said: ?We noticed, that he is damaged, here on his jaw and here, as well on his chest - pretty bad injury." He pointed at the scratches. ?You should take better care of him, Lady!"

?A better care? It wasn't my fault, he got these!" I pointed back at my android. ?I didn't ask him to do the stuff he did."

?Calm down, honey!" quietly said my dad. ?Mr! He is receiving a very good care from us. Don't dare to just assume. It was just an accident."

I could tell my father was getting irritated my this guy's comment. I said it wasn't my fault, but actually it was. He did these things for me, to save me. And in return, he got injured. Because I was so dumb to go there in a first place. His jaw and ...

?What? Is he injured somewhere else?" I was surprised.

?Yes. He has pretty serious scratch on his chest. I will give you special cream for it, for his skin to recover and heal."


?Well, it sort of heals the skin. In fact it is made of microscopic robots, which will help to fix the skin, you could say – repair." He gave me a tiny jar of it. ?Apply it on his wounds and in few days time his skin should look like new. And you have to apply it yourself. Because his skin is not organic, he cannot touch it, otherwise the robots can do some damage instead of healing, "


I was so confused. The information this guy told was something new to me. CyRo have come up with some very advanced technologies – something I have never heard before.

I looked at Bryce and his scratched jaw. It looked bad. The skin on the edge of it was off and some smaller scratches were on his cheek. I remember, he dodged that dagger attack just in time. If he wouldn't... I didn't want to think about, what would have happened to him then. It could have pierced his head or damaged some other vital part on his head. I felt a guilt seep through me. I couldn't believe it was because of me, my fault. My emotions were hanging on a tiny thread at this moment. I could feel another wave of tears appearing. I didn't want to cry. Not now. Looking so vulnerable in front of everyone. I closed my eyes and inhaled a deep breath, still holding on to my dad.


Right now I had to go and apply that cream on Bryce, which was given by CyRo

ling my hands shaking, while I open a jar. I take some of it on my fingertips and reach for Bryce's wound on his jaw. I feel little hesitant. The shining metal of jaw, under his skin reminds me of his true identity.


I scold myself and proceed to aid his wound. His skin is ... It is with no warmth. Almost as cold as the metal beneath it. I gently massage the cream on his skin around his injury and on places he has scratches on. I touch one spot, where the injury is the most deepest and he visibly winces. I quickly get my hand away. What was that? It looked like he felt something. Pain? No way! I was just imagining. He cannot feel. I reminded myself again. But .... I have never seen him making such expression. He was observing me, as I was in deep thoughts. I reached for the same spot again, but nothing happened. Clearly I was seeing things.

"Where else are you injured?"

Bryce unbuttoned his shirt not leaving his eyes from mine. He uncovered the part of his chest. On the left side of it was a deep scratch, which seemed have damaged his artificial flesh too. It looked a lot worse than his jaw. I didn't notice it through his clothes, because there was no blood, which would normally indicate about the injury. My eyes were roaming on his fine muscled chest and abdomen. It's been a while I have seen him like this. He looked perfect, better than any other man I have seen. I felt a faint blush appear on my cheeks. I shouldn't think of him in this way. He is not real, he is not real man. I continued with a treatment with my shaking hands now. I felt so nervous and embarrassed by touching him. I did the last stroke on his wound, when I felt him jerk, barely noticeable. What? Again? Right after, he swiftly grabs my hand. My heart almost jumps out of my chest by his unexpected move. He holds it for a moment and looks at me intently. I feel his finger slide down from the base of my palm to my pulse. What is he doing? My breathing quickens because of his odd behavior.

"That's enough." he says and stands up. He takes a one last glance at me and walks away, leaving me alone with so many new questions. What is wrong with him?

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