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   Chapter 31 _31_

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What should I do? I don't know. The chaos in my mind was too big to come up with something. Should I get rid of him? Send him back to CyRo's? And what they will do to him? I didn't want to think about it. When I got Bryce, they said, his set up cannot be changed. It means they would destroy him. Tear him apart and most likely recycle him. I felt a tear leave my eyes. He would be gone forever. But what can I do? As strange as it sounds, I don't want him to be gone. If he is 'sick', I want to help him. I want to find the way to cure him, if there is any. What if there is not? He will be like this forever, or maybe worse. I cannot live like that, feeling constant fear of him, waiting for a day he snaps, the day he is going to loose control of himself. I have to talk to my dad. He might know, what to do with him. He has more knowledge about robots.

"Sharlene? Can you give me your ring. I lost mine. I have to call my dad." I said quietly.

"Here. It is yours. Bryce found it between those man." She put the silvery ring in my palm. "And your father is on his way. We called him earlier to come and pick you up."

The atmosphere in my apartment was heavy and gloomy. My friends were not in their usually cheerful mood and me with Bryce were not saying much. Actually he haven't said anything since I woke up. He seemed to be upset, but I didn't know about what. He haven't even spared me a single glance, just that one look, when I saw him after waking up. Again he was acting strange. But it was so subtle, so I doubt my friends noticed it. What is this sickness? What does it do to him? My thoughts were interrupted by Laura's soft touch.

"Kyra, we will have to leave you now. We have some urgent things to do. Your dad is coming. Just wait for him and don't worry."

"No.. no, please! Don't leave me now. Not now!" I felt a panic rise in me again.

"Calm down. Don't start again. Everything is gonna be OK. He is not gonna do anything to you. Understand?"

"No.... Please girls. Stay with me little bit longer. Don't leave me with him alone." tears were falling as I clawed Laura's arms, trying to keep her beside me.

"We can't anymore. We were already with you, though we were supposed to be somewhere else. Sorry, we have to go. Try to calm yourself and wait for him. Bryce here is not gonna touch you. Don't worry."

They gave me goodbye kisses and left me. I was quietly sobbing on the edge of my bed. I felt so lonely. The sun was setting and it made my room darken. The night shading on the windows were on, so it made my room even darker. Lights were off, but I had no intention to turn them on. I didn't dare to look in my living room's direction. I new, he was still standing there, haven't moved. He was there, but looked like his mind was somewhere else. I started to feel conscious, as the only sound hearable in my apartment was my sobbing. I needed to calm down. I wiped my eyes of the salty tears. My friends have changed my clothes and I felt the white shirt, I was wearing, was wet in places, where my tears have fallen. Carefully I turned my head to see Bryce's form. He had different clothes too. Last night his hands were bl

ems to be most affected, if the virus has taken place.

Two man came for Bryce and lead him deeper in the building. Before they turned around the corner, Bryce turned his head and looked at me, his eyes locking with mine. There I saw sadness and .... disappointment. The scene looked so unreal and sad, like he was taken in to the prission. And taking the last glance at his close ones. My heart hurt a little bit of his sad look and of the thought never seeing him again, if the testing came positive.

Angela asked for us to wait in reception area. The testing will take few hours. I was tired, but more I wanted to know the test results. Event though, I couldn't forgive and forget the things Bryce did, strangely I still wanted him to be around me in my life. My heart was pounding faster as time passed. It felt like we are in regular hospital waiting for someone, waiting the news of the condition Bryce was hopefully not in. My hands were sweating and I leaned in to my dad for little bit of comfort.

After some long waiting, I fell asleep on my dad's lap. I was exhausted, tired and wanted to be in a soft bed and free my mind of this nightmare I was having. The only way I can relax, is knowing that Bryce is alright.

I felt my father shaking me lightly.

"Kyra, wake up. They are done. Wake up."

"What? They are? What is it it? How did it come out?"

I was awake in seconds and frantically shaking my dad on his shoulders.

"The tests came negative." said Angela behind my back.

A cry escaped my lips realizing the news. I was crying and crying. My dad's shoulder was already wet from all the tears leaving my eyes. I have never cried so much in my life. Hearing the test's results, made me happy. Those were tears of happiness and relieve. The news I was waiting for almost for 4 hours, made me realize how much Bryce meant to me. He was OK. He wasn't sick and infected. I didn't need to hear anything else than just this.

"Where is he?" I asked to Angela.

"He will be here in any minute."

I hugged my dad one more time and tried to calm down from all the crying I was in.

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