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   Chapter 30 _30_

A living THING By SBany Characters: 5396

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A faint mumbling could be heard in a distance. I couldn't distinguish their voices. My mind was fuzzy and my head was hurting bad. What happened? Feeling a soft fabric around my exhausted body, I tried to get the sense of the place I was in. I inhaled the scent of the fabric. It smelled familiar, very familiar. I recognized it. It was my own, and the soft blanket around me felt like my own silky duvet. How did I get home? Wasn't I... Yesterday we were in... North Amber, those man, Bryce.... Everything dawned up on me. I opened my eyes, as I jumped straight up. My breathing heavy. My eyes were darting around the place, trying to see and at least recognize the place I was in. It was my apartment. I could feel my heart to slow down, as I saw, I am in a safe place. Then I saw both of my friends rushing towards me from living room. I was so happy to see them safe, to see them here with me. Some tears of happiness and relieve left my reddened eyes.

"Sharlene, Laura!" I sobbed while reaching out for them in attempted hug.

"Oh, Kyra, you are awake." with worry and sadness visible in her face, said Laura.

She hugged me, I couldn't swallow the hard lump that was sitting in my throat. Sharlene came as well and embraced me tight. I hold them both for a minute with my eyes closed, feeling their comfortable presence. I needed it, as my body and chest felt so heavy, like a huge bolder would have been placed on me. It surfaced me.

I opened my eyes and my heart stopped, my body froze from what I saw behind my friends. It was him. He was still here, with us, in this apartment. Bryce. He came out f

fected, even I know this is not how a robot should be, how it should behave and act in certain situations. I just don't understand why nobody else sees it. They all think he is perfectly fine and nothing is wrong in his behavior. Maybe he is pretending in front of others. But why does he not in front of me? I thought my head will explode of too many questions that swam through my mind. I felt the need for rest. The only place I can think about is my greenhouse. The only place I can truly relax and hopefully forget the events that occurred last night. Though I doubt it. The scene was too violent to get it out of mind so quickly. Last night I finally saw of what Bryce is truly capable of. His strength was inhuman. Looked like he could see their attacks before they even managed to do anything. That old robot was dead in seconds after my robot got his hands on him. What he could do, if even a robot didn't have an impact on him. Bryce was too strong. Like a war machine. And with this virus he is more dangerous than it was intended for him to be. What should I do?

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