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   Chapter 29 _29_

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I closed the old, rusty door. I felt my hands were trembling slightly. What Myra told me, shocked me to the core. I never expected her to be a real thing, to really see my future. She didn't lie about her powers. Though, the future for my friends seemed to be nothing special, for me it was something to worry about.

Back, when I was younger, I thought my nightmare was just a traumatic symptom of loosing my mother, nothing real, more than abstract emotions of the tragedy in my life. But now, hearing Myra's prediction, I realized, it had nothing to do with my mother's death. It was my future. Will be. Now, I quietly prayed, I will not see the day, when it will become reality. It is a scary thing. Just a thought of it, makes me cover in fear - mentally. I remember her saying, it is not how it looks like. The pictures can be interpreted in different ways, they can have a hidden meaning, totally different of what is seen in her artwork. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much about it, it could mean something totally different. But she cried. Like she was in that emotional pain herself. And she sent me away. Why? I want to know badly, why? Does she know more than she managed to say?

I was in deep thoughts, as I walked the street. The only thing I registered, was the crumbly concrete path under my feet. I didn't hear anything, nor see a thing around me, like the world didn't exist at this moment.

"Hey, little princess!"

I heard a low, growling voice. I snapped out of my thoughts and lifted my blue eyes at the place, where the voice was coming from. Seeing three, dangerously looking, man in front of me and one robot. Two of them young and slim. The third one was much bigger and older, with long dreaded hair. A shiny object was in his glowed hands - a knife. A big one. The robot in this kind of situation was not good as well. Now I realized, I am in big danger. I looked back at the alleyway, noticing I have gone quite a way from "Mirage". Why did I go so far from there. Why I didn't pay attention to my surroundings? I am so stupid. I saw no one on the dimly lit streets. Just these three snickering man.

"W... what do you want?" I said timidly, clearly afraid of sudden encounter.

"What do you have?" said the old man, his dirty smile never laving his face.

I had nothing with me. Nothing valuable. Just my ring. I was so nervous. I looked at his knife, which was still in his hand, glowing menacingly. What does he need that for? He is no thinking to .... right? I could hardly move, by the paralyzing fear, that hold my body.

"What? Lost your tongue?" he growled again.

"N.. no. I have nothing. Believe me." I was holding both of my arms against my thighs in attempt to stop their trembling.

"Don't play with us, princess!" he swiftly stepped much closer to me, showing me his dagger. He stopped and looked at me, eyeing me from head to toe. "I have seen you somewhere." he looked at me again. "Right! Now I know where. You are that old, rich dude's daughter, right? What was his name..." he turned to his man for a hint. "Ahh, yes. Elkwood, was it? I can't believe we have caught a real princess!" he laughed. "Now, how does it come, you don't have anything? You are clearly lying!" he shouted, making me flinch of his hard voice.

"I ... I am not lying. I swear. I have nothing." I felt a few hot tears sliding down my cheeks. "Here! take my ring. It is all I have. It ... it is a high quality and very expensive." with trembling hands I took my ring and an

between my light sobs.

He didn't answer me. He looked dangerous. His hands covered in blood, his jaw damaged, his eyes... I didn't know, what exactly I saw in them, but I knew, there was nothing good. I realized, I might be in danger myself. I had no idea of what is going on in his mind. I started walking away, keeping my body close to the wall behind me. I stumbled on some trash, but gained my balance back, never leaving the sight of him - now, a total stranger, in front of me. He slowly followed me, his eyes registering every movement I made. They looked predatory, all his appearance looked like it. Following every movement of his pray. And I knew that pray was me. Some cries left my dry lips. I couldn't hold in anymore of this tension. I turned around and started to run, run away from this place, away from him. Before I could make some steps, I felt my upper arm grabbed strongly. I let out a scream and desperately tried to free myself from his strong grip. Bryce took my other arm and made me face him. My heart dropped in my stomach, as I saw his hard stare. I stopped for a second, but then tried to get myself away from him again.

"Stop trying! You are not going anywhere!" I heard his voice, which was said through his clenched teeth. He momentarily turned me around and grabbed my hole upper body and wrapped his strong arms around me, making it impossible to move my hands and myself. I started to scream again, but again, his fast movements stopped me. I felt him squeeze me tighter. He lifted me up from the ground a bit and put his large hand on my mouth. That made my panic rise even more. I was so afraid. I had no idea of what he is going to do with me. Is he going to kill me? I felt his head resting against my head, his breath touching the top of my ear, sending a strong shiver of fear through my body. I couldn't see anything, as my eyes were filled with endless streams of tears.

Suddenly I heard a voices I recognize. Sharlene! Laura! I screamed and tried to get their attention, but all of it was muffled under my androids strong hand. I heard their voices nearing, but I could only see two blurry silhouettes of my friends. They have to call for help. Bryce might hurt them. Before I could make another attempted wiggle and scream, I felt a pain on back on my neck and everything went black.

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