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   Chapter 28 _28_

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Kyra's POV

We followed the woman deeper in to her lair. The place was dark, the only light source was the tiny neon lights near the ceiling, high up on the crimson red walls. Walls itself were covered with many projector 'bugs', some working, some not. Those who seemed to be technically in good shape, were projecting different kind of pictures and digital paintings. Some of them looked very odd, more abstract. We entered much larger room, the pictures were bigger than those in a hallway. On the far end was a desk with a huge tablet screen. The woman slowly walked to it and sat down. Finally I could see her face more clearly. Her skin tone was lighter than I thought. It was honey brown, her big green eyes were illuminated by the bluish light coming from the tablet. Her hair reached above her shoulders, black, with some tiny braids in some places. Her round face suggested she was still very young, no more than 30 years old. She looked like a desert princes, if she would be better dressed. Her style was very similar to those people we saw around earlier. We all stood in front of the desk, clearly nervous, still the sub drive clearly in our memories. She took a digital pen and then I noticed her right arm. It was made of metal – black, robotic like, but very delicate. Matching her fragile feminine build

?Don't worry, I am not one of them." she said to me.

?Sorry, ...." I was so nervous, I didn't know what to say.

?So, who is gonna be first?"

?We are here for a ..." Sharlene couldn't finish as the woman interrupted her again.

?I know why you all are here. What else three princesses would do in this kind of place?" she lifted her black, thick eyebrow. ?Don't be afraid of me. I am not gonna harm you. Not all people here are criminals." her voice was much softer now.

?Would you please tell us, how does it work? How do you see the future?" Sharlene stepped little bit closer to her table.

?I don't see the future, like you expect me to do. I can see only a little part of it, and it is not always what you see."

?We don't understand." quietly said Laura.

The young woman lifted both of her hands in the mid air, gesturing to the dark walls around us.

?I draw it."

Now I realize what all these pictures were, what they meant. All of them were her visions of the future, other people's future. Or maybe her own?

?Are all of these your future visions?" Laura awed in realization and were looking around at many digital paintings.

?I cannot see my own future. All of them are from my clients. ... So, I am gonna ask again. Who wanna go first?"

?Me, me." clearly excited was Laura, as she almost jumped multiple times on the spot and clapped her delicate hands like a child.

?By the way, you can call me Myra." she said and ushered Laura to sit in front of her in antique looking wooden chair.

I wondered, how she cou

p and walked to her to make sure she is OK. I stopped when I saw what she is drawing. I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought that thing have left me years ago. The picture hold my long forgotten nightmares. It looked the same. Two bloody hands coming out of the dark, scary pair of hands. I felt my heart to pick up it's speed. I turned to face Myra, her face wet from silent crying.

"It... it is not my future, it is my past." I told her.

"No. I cannot see past. It is your future I am seeing here." she said as more tears started come from her green eyes.

"How? I don't understand. Who is it? Why are you crying?" I was so nervous, a slight fear crept on me. What if that person, with those hands, is from my future? It can't be true.

"The pain... so strong.... whoever owns these hands, is in strong pain...." at this moment she was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Sure he is, that person is injured." Sharlene stated the obvious.

"...not the physical pain.... the pain..." Myra didn't finish as she put her hand on her chest holding fiercely a piece of cloth she was wearing. Two streams of tears were flooding her cheeks as she was trying to breath and hold back her sobbing. She looked at me with strange kind of emotion on her face: "Get out of here! Leave this place! Now!"

"What... what did I do wrong?" I was in total shock, from the drawing she made and from her sudden change in behavior. I had no understanding what she was talking about. And why she suddenly wanted me to leave. I had so many questions. I backed off from her, seeing her fierce look through her teary eyes. She didn't need to say another word. I turned and left the room leaving my friends behind. No one have ever known, what I saw in those horrible dreams. And she drew it so perfectly accurate. A mixture of emotions filled my body. I was confused, nervous and terribly scared. Scared of what my future really holds for me.

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