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   Chapter 27 _27_

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We exited the underground tunnel, the light wind was blowing through the corners of the tall, dark buildings. The place was eerie quiet and seemed to be abandoned. I didn't see a single soul, just a ghostly howling of the wind was the only thing filling the empty alley. The buildings were tall and dark, the top of them had some glass structures, as the most of the giant houses in Amber. The glowing evening sun couldn't get past the tall walls, leaving us in their dark shadows. Some corners were filled with red sand and some random garbage dumped around the primitive dumpsters. As we went farther out of the alleyway, I noticed a part of the dome in the sky, which seemed to be so damaged, it covered only half of its territory. The glass panes were scratched and broken on the edges, giving the impression, it would fall down in any moment. I got the feeling this place was totally forgotten by the Amber's government. I had no idea that any place in this city looked so let down. I thought they repair the damage that come from storms and desert sand. This must be the worst place for people to live in.

"Are you sure this is the place Sharlene?" I ask, seeing the empty environment.

"Yeah, yeah. The place should be somewhere here, it is called 'The Mirage'. Tell me, if you see it anywhere." Sharlene told while scanning the area around us.

Finally we exited the narrow streets and were in much wider space, also seeing people nearby some houses. A loud zipping sound startles all of us. A breath of relieve left our lungs, seeing it was only a broken neon sign shooting some electric sparks on it's damaged part. The people looked the same like in a subway. We scanned the clearing around us and finally Laura noticed the place we were looking for. The sign was very plain and light coming from it was barely visible. It was on the corner, right before another dark alley, suggesting the direction, where the place actually was. All of us quickly scurried to the alley, trying not to be noticed by suspicious looking man nearby.

"This is it."

Sharlene lift her hand up to knock on the door, when somebody opened it, before she could do anything.

"Come in." were the persons only words.

Slowly we walked in. It was a woman. She was quietly eying us.

"No robots allowed in here." she said stopping Bryce in his tracks.

"Wh... why?" I was confused.

"Get him out of here, or you can leave all together." was her demand.

I turned to Bryce and whispered him: "Stay and wait for us outside."

"OK. Just be careful."

I nodded and closed the door before glancing at his bright blue eyes.


..... POV.

Three young girls entered through the old rusty door.

This place was not safe for humans like them. I could tell by the odd looking 'creatures', this place was dange

The force he was using back lashed at him, when the dagger collided with the strong metal protecting me.

"What the hell? Who are you, man?" there was a hint of fear in his voice.

I moved forward making him stumble back and fall on the ground. I was nearly on top of him. He tried to crawl back, away from me, but I didn't let him, still looming over him dangerously. His movements became chaotic and he tried to reach for his lost dagger near him. Before he could lift his hand, I moved my left leg and with full force stepped on his arm, making the 'poor' man scream in agony. I felt the bones in his hand crush under my foot. He was squirming and crying under me, but I made no attempt to lift my leg and set him free.

"Awwww hhgrhh, man! Wh... Wh... why are you doing this? P... p.... please!"

I waited and stared at his pathetic form. I lifted my leg and freed his damaged hand, before he could reach to it, I bent down and grabbed him by his neck, lifting his body up in the air. I hold his neck tight, but not enough to kill him yet.

"Why?" I said through gritted teeth. "Because you deserve it! Never dare to touch things, that belong to me!"

"Wha.... ghrghhh...."

I couldn't hold in any longer, my anger was seeping through my body and my hands, through my mind. I squeezed his throat as tight as possible, stopping the oxygen reaching his sick lungs. I felt him choke on his own blood, his neck vertebrae crushing under my hand's strong force. As I felt his neck snap in half and his body fell limp in my grip, I dropped him on the ground. My hand was dirty from his blood, I wiped it on my pants and took one last look at the man I killed. I felt nothing, nothing, no remorse, no pity, only a slight relieve. But that strong emotion was still in me. I needed to find a way to free myself from it and now I new how and who will be my next victim.

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