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   Chapter 26 _26_

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"Who's idea was to use a Subway?" Laura got hold of Bryce's arm squeezing it in tight grip.

"Stop whining, I didn't know we will have to go through place like this." added Sharlene who was holding my androids other arm.

"Girls, I could ask Mike to take us to northern Amber. Why did we have to take this stinky garbage sub, if we can afford to travel in much nicer vehicle - private." I said while eying the odd people around us.

Sub was something new to me. I had never used one. In main part of the city it looks quite decent, but here, farther away, it is more dirtier, filled with people from lower classes, who all look very suspicious and I would say dangerous. We came for a night out, dressed in closing that stood out on the dull tones of the people outfits and subway's plain colors.

I was in dark leathery pants, some sparkling crystals covering the side of my thighs. Similar shade of black was my sleeveless top with a long braid coming down on my right side reaching my hip. Electronic choker hold my neck with a line of dim, white moon like light. Laura was dressed in mini silver dress, her hair today was blood red accenting her full lips of the same color as well as her shoes and red nails. Sharlene had short top which revealed her naked belly, short black shorts, net like stockings with high dark ankle boots. Few electronic bracelets covered her left arm, making it look very artificial. Bryce was in his dark grey formal outfit.

In total contrast was the people in the sub. Their clothes were dark, worn off, some of the clothing was very old looking and outdated. Lots of metal belts and rusty accessories covered their bodies. Hardly taken care of crazy hairstyles decorated their heads. Luckily this place was

the entire time since we left the sub wagon. The visible worry was noticeable on his serious face and something else. A pain? I had never seen him expressing so much of his artificial emotion.

"Bryce? Are you alright?" I asked him confused.

"I have never seen you so afraid. It scared me." he stated not answering my question.

I didn't know what to think of this. Was he really scared? He was probably worried not scared. He is just trying to sound like a human. But his face told a different story. He genuinely looked slightly scarred. I was totally puzzled. In some way it felt fluttering to know he cared for me so much. We both were standing in silence awkwardly looking at each other. No. We all were silent, Laura and Sharlene were watching us and not saying a word, like not wanting to interrupt us.

"Awww. Kyra, Brycy! The scene looks so sweet!" Laura finally spoke.

I questionably raised my eyebrow not understanding her point. Both my friends let out a light giggle.

"Never mind. Lets get out of here. The fortune teller's place should not be far from here."

Sharlene invited us to go upstairs and leave the creepy subway station.

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