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   Chapter 25 _25_

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?Our suspect is Natalie Leary. Have you ever heard of her?"

?No, I have no idea who she is." my dad responded after some time of thinking.

?We don't know about her much too. Just some personal information." Carlos looked back in his devise. ?She is 32 years old, dark red hair, height – 1m 75 cm, single. Previously have been working in different kind of technology supplying companies - at Melaxo, Egor, CyRo, Marso and sometime in Cyber-beats. She have been studying microbiology and cyber-engineering. Last place she has been seen, was at Egor factories, there she got fired. The reason for it was her new idea of making robots independent and have feelings or emotions. None of the leading authorities agreed to that. After that she vanished. It's been nearly 10 years."

?Where is she now?" asked my dad.

?We don't know. The only lead we have is her bio and information we have gathered from her previous employers."

?Did you say she have been working in CyRo's? What if she got hands on my robot, what if... if Bryce..."

My hands were trembling from the shocking news. I thought of all the times Bryce was acting strange. What if he is infected. Am I safe around him. All my thoughts were chaotically running trough my mind. I looked at my dad, wanting to hear that this is not true, this can't be happening to me.

?Dad, what if he ..." I couldn't form any words by a light panic I was having.

?Kyra, honey, look at me!" he gently took hold of my face with both of his warm loving hands. ?Don't worry, he is not infected. You hear me? Bryce is not infected. Did you hear what Carlos said? They get infected before they are made. He have been with us for many month, and I guarantee there is nothing wrong with him, he is totally fine. Understand? He is never gonna hurt you. Now, just calm down."

?Maybe we should talk somewhere private William. Looks like your daughter cannot handle this information at the moment."Carlos looked at me worriedly and waited for my fat

his eyes were gleaming with strange kind of glow, with his kind smile still present. He said something to Nora and left her, coming straight to us. His burning gaze never left me as his goal full steps approached the living room. Bryce stopped right beside me. I was mentally squirming under his intense stare. Then he noticed Carlos and the softness in his eyes hardened as well as his expression.

"Finally Bryce! Where were you? We were looking for you. Here, this man is Carlos, he is our personal detective and a good friend of us." dad had stood up and introduced detective to Bryce.

Bryce formally greeted him by extending his arm towards a man, never his eyes leaving detectives form.

"Hello! Well you are something! Looking very good! ... ahw! That is very strong grip!"

His handshake was very quick and smooth, if Bryce would have hold his hand longer, I would think my bodyguard hurt him intentionally. I was quite on edge now, hearing Carlos delivered information. It felt like I am purposely looking for clues in my androids behavior.

"Come on Bryce, lets leave my father and his friend to themselves." I waved a tiny goodby to them. "I want to show you something." and I left the living room, with Bryce following close behind. I left my dad, allowing him to discuss some private stuff with his friend.

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