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   Chapter 24 _24_

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He looked at me and smiled: "Yes?"

"What are you doing?" I said timidly.

He glanced back at my hair in his hand and than back at me, still with a small smile present.

"Looking at your hair, they are beautiful." his eyes roamed all the length of my dark brown curls.

"Will you please stop it?" I tried to back away from him. "It makes me feel uncomfortable."

Before I could collect all my hair to one side away from him, he managed to run his hand through them, sending a light tickle to a base of my head. I couldn't understand what's up with him. He never took a big interest in my hair and now he admired them like he had never seen such a thing before. His action puzzled me.

We went back to my apartment. All the way, I was thinking about his odd behavior. After some time of rest, I ate some berries with cream tasting it's sweet and juicy 'flesh'. With my stomach full, I fell asleep on a couch right away.

I felt something tickling my cheek. It stopped. Then again. It was irritating. I opened my sleepy eyes and saw Bryce a few inches away from my face, his fingers lightly brushing my cheek.

"What the hell, Bryce? What are you doing?" startled I sit up on my bed and push him back to get some space.

All the drowsy feeling have gone in seconds. I gently rubbed my cheek at the same place he was touching and thought of the reason behind his actions. I sat on couch in silence slightly dazed and looking at Bryce questionably. I don't expect him to answer, as the most of the time he doesn't. I look at him while he casually walks away from me. Just like that? When did he become so creepy? I thought I am already over the paranoia of his unusual acts. This was something new to me. He never touched me before in that kind of manner.

What time is it? I take my ring and see it is 9 o'clock in the morning. I have been asleep a long time, since yesterday's afternoon. Before I have managed to step out of my bed I hear a beep of a received message on my ring. Who is it?

Hey my darling. Do you have any plans today? I have got some news from detective Carlos. Do you want to join

g his dark slim pants and black, shiny ankle boots.

"Hey, Carlos. I am glad you are here." my dad shakes his and and leads him down to our couch."So, what news you bring to us?"

"We have quite a few new important leads to this case." He pulls out his Micro-H-tab and searches for something before returning his attention back to us. "First we have the new information about the infected androids. The scientists have discovered what kind of virus it is. The virus is organic. Previously we thought it is some type of computer virus, but now we now for sure it is not. Luckily it cannot infect humans or other living creatures, only robots, more specifically human type robots. In one of the captured android's microchip they found some neuron cells which were still alive and multiplying. We still don't know how severely this sickness can damage the robots and how far it can progress as well as expected behavioral problems that occur. Another thing. Robots can be infected only in their beginning stages, before their parts are assembled together at manufacturing grounds. So all the infection starts at factory or at places before robot is made. Some of the companies have already developed tests for infected androids. By them they can assess their infection. And we have discovered where the virus is coming from. Someone is purposely infecting them, infecting the microchips of new to be robots."

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