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   Chapter 23 _23_

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What? Did I hear him right? No... He doesn't understand what he is talking about. I stood few feet away from bathroom door thinking of his statement. I was not expecting him to answer, it was just a rhetorical question. But he did. I should be relieved of hearing him thinking about me in this kind of way, but at the same time I was well aware he could not feel this kind attachment towards me. It was just his programmed protectiveness that made him think and say he cared for me in some way. He had no concept of what it really meant to a living human being.

I took a deep breath and decided to continue my way back to my office. I still felt hurt, but couldn't put my finger on why. The paining pressure in my chest was still evident as I tried to shift my thoughts back to work.

On the far end of the corridor I noticed Mr Braun slowly striding my way. I could see a small smirk playing on his manly face. Suddenly remembering about our meeting which should start in any minute, I collected myself and my uneasy mind before he managed to reach me.

"Ah! Good afternoon Kyra!" Mr Braun smirked at me.

"Hello, Mr Braun. Give me another five minutes and I will be ready."

I couldn't understand why, right now, his behavior seemed to be little cocky, his slight smile, didn't look genuine. Before I could pass him he said:

"I didn't know you go for that kind of man?" he arched his eyebrow at me.

"Excuse me? What is that about?"

"Well, a moment ago you seemed pretty close to your bodyguard, holding hands and walking through the office together in a broad daylight like a ..."

He didn't get to finish as I interrupted him in mid sentence, annoyed of his comment:

"Listen, it is not your business, of what kind of man I fancy." I step closer looking right in his eyes: "Are you disappointed you are not in my list of worthy man? ... Say another thing about a things that does not concern you and I will drop all the previous agreements in regards to our contract and investment in your new project. It would be a such a waste of time for you if that would happen. Am I right?"

For my surprise he said nothing in return, standing plastered against the wall and looking down at my threatening pose. I was small and more fragile than him, I didn't look scary and threatening, but somehow I had managed to show my superiority in this mome

some time and you will see of what I am capable off. I will win his heart." Victoria said determined.

"HE DOES NOT HAVE ONE! He doesn't have a heart. He will never be with you. He will never love you, because he is a fucking ROBOT!"

I saw her face getting pale as she was trying to form the words to lash back at me, but came none. My breathing had gotten heavy as tried to suppress my anger at her stupidity and ignorance. Partly I don't blame her, she didn't know he is an android, as everyone else in this building, but she made a false assumptions about Bryce, not knowing a single thing about him.

"If you ever confront me about this kind of nonsense and make a scene out of it, I will fire you on the spot. Understand!"

She just nodded and I could see her swallow a lump of shame, as I finally excited the suffocating restroom.

This day cannot get any worse. Why is everybody picking on me today? I feel exhausted of experiencing these emotions for a 'hundred' of times already. I need to get home, enough work for today. I get back to my office and tell Anna to take care of the rest of the work for today.

"Bryce, let's go. We are going home." I say him not even looking at him, feeling too overwhelmed of today's events.

We enter my personal elevator and start to go down.

Something startles me while I am going down. I feel somebody is gently touching my hair. I turn to the side and see Bryce holding a stand of my hair in his massive palm, examining it. What is he doing. I have never seen him doing creepy things like this.


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