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   Chapter 22 _22_

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Three months have passed since I have had a bodyguard.

For couple of weeks I kept Bryce in my office, while I was working, waiting for a moment, when everybody will loose an interest in him. For that time period he was keeping me a company, he didn't talk much, so I had no problem with him being in the same room as long as I could do my work. I got to know him better. I paid more attention to his character and personality, realizing he was very kind and helpful. I also noticed his Analytical skills as well as his curious and observant nature. He new lots of things - information about different topics, and in times I managed to have a conversation with him, Bryce made my time more enjoyable. Through these month Bryce have learned to mimic many human like emotions and behaviors, as well as body language. His posture was more relaxed, he didn't walk around like a doll anymore. My bodyguard was doing a great job of pretending to be a real human.

All my worries about him being infected had disappeared, haven't seen any abnormal behavior in him. I understand now I was too wary of any unusual and strange acts that were coming from him. This paranoia made me exaggerate things and make a big problem of it, where there was none, in fact from other people perspective, his behavior was completely normal.

I got to know that robots can have artificial emotions to better communicate with us, or rather for us to correctly perceive their intentions. Though Bryce was still very serious 'man' most of the time.

Still none of the people in my office building new he was an android, except Anna, but she new better to keep herself quite about his true identity.

After reporters had discovered my photo with Bryce on network, they have been bombarding me with their interview requests. I told them he is my bodyguard for safety reasons, because of robot attack incidents in Amber city, but left out t

to pull him away, not looking back at Victoria's hurt and shock filled face.

Bryce follows me obediently as I pull him towards a bathroom griping his arm tightly. As I open it's doors I see few woman starring in their reflections in the large mirrors. They all look at me, surprised of seeing a 'man' with me in woman's restrooms.

"Out! Everybody get out of here! Now!" I shout and wave with my hand at them.

Without a word all of them scurry out of the room. I look at Bryce, anger still seeping through my veins.

"Now wash yourself! Wash your face! I don't want to see a single germ of that bitch on your body!" I point at the sink and open a tap for water to run.

He looks at me for a moment, bends down and slowly washes his face while glancing over me time to time. I stay next to him, trying to calm my nerves.

"Here, there is more of that lipstick!" I point at his face. "Why you didn't do anything, why you just stood there like a statue allowing her to fulfill her 'dirty' fantasies?"


I had enough. "How would you like to see me with some other man over me?" I said that and run through bathroom door leaving Bryce behind. Before the door fully closed I heard him say loud enough for me to hear:

" I wouldn't... ... ... like it."

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