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   Chapter 21 _21_

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Tiny metal shards were scattered over the floor. Knelled down I tried to pick them up. Some pieces were larger than others, some very tiny, tiny. There was no way it could be fixed. Larger metal pieces were bent in places and the metal itself was too tough to fix it by hands, at least not with mine weak ones. The tiny parts were too small to even think about repairing. All my dad's work will be a mystery for me forever. There was everything, not just Bryce's characteristics and such, but his purchase contract and his inner system's manuals and information for repairs and what else not. And there is no copy of this information, it was the only source. I was so mad at Bryce now. Though it wasn't visible, I was boiling inside. My breathing was heavy, struggling to hold my emotions in.

"Don't be mad."

He leveled himself to be in same height as me and looked in my eyes. His tone was pleading, but his face remained motionless. Bryce picked some pieces of his destroyed manual. I hated this, it was so hard to communicate with him. I never new what his intentions were or what he was thinking. I was so tuned on human body language and facial expressions, but could not read a single one from a robot. He certainly can make expressions, as I saw today - his smile, but it seemed he preferred not to.

"What were you thinking? Do you have any idea how important this was?" I presented a piece of shard in front of his face.

He didn't answer again, like always, just continued picking things up. I threw everything in recycling system that was connected with all the other apartments and lead down to the basement where it was collected later. Why did Bryce do that? I know, it wasn't an accident. He had to use a brute force to break it. How strong is he? A small shiver run down my spine, imagining of what he could do to a human with those large hands. Just like Sharlene said 'break like a stick'.

I better go to sleep early tonight. Tomorrow I have to get back to work and probably face

t I have told her to tone it down a bit. It would be inappropriate to look like a clown and work in this company. I could hear her flirty voice echoing through others. I hated it, as she always tried to get what she wanted with her flirting and womanly charms. Maybe, deep down, I was jealous of her, because I had no such talent. The only reason she was till working in my company, was because she was very good at her job. I tried to concentrate on my tasks, but her high voice outside was bugging me, I wanted silence for once, as the last few hours I have been working with that annoying mumbling outside. I stomped towards my office door and opened it with a quick swing.

I saw many of my employees around my bodyguard, mostly women, attempting to get Bryce's attention. Luckily he didn't seem to be fazed by their flirting. And then I noticed Victoria so close to him, too close for comfort, too close for my comfort. Then somebody notices me standing between my door and everyone instantly shuts up, seeing my grim face.

"Everybody back to your work!" I said sternly and all of them rushed back to their workplaces.

I noticed Victoria wasn't ready to leave as quickly. I gave her another warning look and was relieved she finally left.

I walked towards Bryce and took hold of his arm and dragged him inside my office.

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