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   Chapter 20 _20_

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"Aaand it also says, he is very protective - 85 percent!" Laura added.

Before I managed to reach for Micro-H-tab, Sharlene poked Bryce, quietly saying: "Show her!"

Suddenly he stepped in front of me blocking my hand and me from my friends literally looming over me. I stumbled back and lost my balance, but Bryce managed to catch me in time by my hand. He hold my hands 'broken' up in the air in weird angle as I was trying to get them free, but he still didn't let them go. Both my friends were laughing and I noticed a small smile on my android's face too.

"Protective? Who he is protecting now? Definitely not me! .... Guys, this is not funny!!"

"All this information will be our little secret until we leave, right Laura, Bryce?" Sharlene informed, shielding away his manual.

"Hey, let me go for once or I will send you to the recycling company!"

I was frustrated and a bit angry that my friends have turned on me. Instantly Bryce let me free but his face expression was back to his usual one. For a moment I thought I saw an anger in him after saying I will recycle him, but I wasn't quite sure, because the second later he looked normal again. Maybe I am imagining again.

"Oh! Remember, bunny? When I came here, I told you, I have seen Bryce before. Do you wanna see where?" Sharlene was working something on her ring.

Some of the modern rings were equipped with a small computer where you could get access to some information and network and do lots of other things. The tiny hologramic screen worked the same way as an ordinary computer. You could see all info on your side, but not from other, keeping it private from other people.

"Yeah, I remember. Where?"

"Somebody have posted picture with you and him on network yesterday. Listen what it says. Our little 'Power Princess' have got a new foreigner to keep her warm

clueless of the fact what it meant to feel emotions, to feel anger and rage witch leads to cruel acts of violence and murder.

My friends stayed for couple of hours, mostly talking about their daily lives and Laura's boys. We drunk some Desert Dew and had some fresh fruits to snack on. They left and I was thinking of what to do the rest of the evening. Suddenly I remembered about my bodyguard's manual, I should check it, to see what my father made. Finishing the remaining dishes I went back to living room to pick up his Micro-H-tab.

"What are you doing, Bryce?" I shouted in surprise, seeing him holding his manual as it's metal shards slowly crumbled on the tile floor.

He let go of the remaining pieces that were partly stuck in his palm. He wasn't facing me as he destroyed it.

Hearing my voice he slightly turned his head over the shoulder and said: "It broke ..." and looked back at his palm where nothing was left.

He said it in such a tone, like it was nothing, like it broke by itself.

"It broke? No! YOU BROKE IT! That device is so tough it wouldn't break even if I would throw it against the wall! What have you done!" I was mad, really mad.

Now I didn't have any information about him, about Bryce.

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