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   Chapter 19 _19_

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"But before that, I want to take a closer look at Brycy, Brycy!" Laura slid towards Bryce with her hands clasped together doing a 'fly thing' with her palms.

I just rolled my eyes seeing her silly actions. She even made a few tiny jumps of excitement. Laura was very hormone raging and boy obsessed girl. I have rarely seen her in normal state and not fan-girling around boys, and I new who was her next victim right now - Bryce. She looked at his face silently and then proceeded to his other body parts, even making a full circle around him taking in his whole appearance. Meanwhile Bryce was eyeing her from above as she scrambled on her tiny legs like a small ant.

"He looks very manly and sexy, Kyra. Can I have him now? Please!" she had already wrapped her small hands around my bodyguard's waist and had pressed her head against his chest while looking my way wining. For my surprise Bryce made no attempt to remove her nor said anything to her.

"Damn you, Laura! Don't you dare to take him all for yourself. I would like to get some piece of him too!" Sharlene made subtle pout with her dark colored lips.

"You both know he is for none of you, right ladies?"

"You greedy 'bitch'. Always getting all the best things." Laura made an angry fake squint before letting out her girly giggle. Suddenly she let go of Bryce and started to touch him in different places all over his body, putting an extra attention on his chest and arms, what seemed to be his muscle evaluation on her part. "I will steal him - piece by piece, remember that, Kyra! Piece by piece until nothing will be left."

"Laura, what are you doing?" I let out a small laugh seeing her all over him as he was standing still like a doll. "That is a bit too much, Laura!"

Meanwhile Sharlene had positioned herself on the edge of the couch taking the odd sight and smirking constantly. "

situation. My mouth was closing and opening, trying to form some words and probably looking like a fish breathing underwater. I felt embarrassed beyond the point, feeling my checks get bright red of the unpleasant feeling. All of them have noticed me after I dropped the glasses and bottle on the floor, shattering one of them in process, and looked at me like nothing had happened. Like it was a normal thing to do in front of many eyes. Laura had pulled Bryce's pants slightly open and both of them had been looking at the contents inside of them, or rather all three of them, even Bryce himself.

"Kyra? Did you know about this?" Laura pointed at his crotch still holding his pants.

"What? N... no. Wha... What are you both doing? You know this is not appropriate. It is a violation of... of..." I quickly run in front of Bryce and pried Laura's hands away from his pants and stood in between them for a moment.

"His manual says he can perform sexual acts. I just checked him for proof." Laura said casually.

"You probably just made it up. There is no way he would be able to... he doesn't have ..." my breathing was still erratic from the shock.

"Come and take a look at his manual. Everything is here." Sharlene winked at me.

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