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   Chapter 18 _18_

A living THING By SBany Characters: 5537

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Bored, I switched through TV channels, finding nothing. A boring morning. I wanted to get my mind some entertainment or something to think about. Last night's long sleep made me more than awake as now I craved for something to fill my relentless brain.

TV device was placed on a low table against the glass window, higher up were two connecting projector - bugs, making a two dimension hologram. I left it on, to let the sound fill the quiet apartment. Bryce was slowly walking alongside the glass window, looking in a distance and observing Amber city, with his hands placed behind his back. The only conversation we had this morning was a typical daily greeting. When I woke up he was already exploring my apartment, I noticed he had taken my terms of behaving as he seemed to be a different person now. We shared some glances towards each other, but nothing abnormal. I sighed and decided to make my morning tea while I waited for Sharlene and Laura to come couple of hours later. Taking a dried camomile tea from a kitchen shelf, I inhaled it's mild scent before pouring the hot water over it. It was my favorite, regularly harvested from a small patch in my greenhouse. On the way back to soft violet couch I heard the TV show get interrupted by some news.

" ... an attack have been reported in a Seth Baines property early this morning in which Mr Baines have lost his life. From unknown resources we have gathered, it has been yet another robot attack - the second reported in this month. It appears to be similar to recent attack made to Kyra Elkwood. A malfunctioning, out of control robot. The informa ..."

I was standing still in front of

r how long I sat there, thinking about my life and incident this morning. My tea have gotten cold, not even started. A doorbell startled me from my trance. Those must be my crazy friends. I quickly wiped my face with sleeves of my shirt to remove my dried tiers if there were any. Before getting to other side of the wall which separated my living room from rest of apartment, I heard a door open and sudden high pitched fan girl screaming pierced my ears.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! This is unbelievable! " I heard Laura's excited chanting.

I noticed Bryce had opened the door.

"Who are you?" was his blank question.

"Bryce, let them in. Those are my friends."

He looked my way and then back at Sharlene and Laura and he let them pass.

"Bryce, this is Sharlene and Laura. " I pointed at them.

He observed them from head to toe with his subtle unobvious eye movements.

"Oh my, my. He looks even better in real life, bunny."

"What do you mean? I don't understand." I am confused.

"You will see, what I mean." Sharlene flashed me a mischievous grin and wiggled her red eyebrows.

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