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   Chapter 17 _17_

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"I ... I'm... I need to switch you off for a night." I pulled my arm of his tight grip and attempted to reach his back again. Half way up he blocked me the second time. What is he up to? "Will you allow me to do it?" I demanded.

"No need for that." was his monotone answer.

"Why? You need to save your energy and ... Are you gonna stay up all night?"

"My energy limits are inexhaustible. If that is your concern, I can go in to the power saving mode." Bryce was still holding my arm and made no attempt to let it go.

"Bryce! Bryce! Let me go!" frustrated I smacked him on his arm to get his attention which made him release it.

"Fine!" I let out tiny growl of frustration. "But you will have to SLEEP on a couch, you can't stand beside my bed like a creep."

"I don't need to slee..."

"Whatever, just pretend you are sleeping, for my sake."

I pushed him towards a couch which was near my bed.

"Now, lay down!" I pointed at the furniture.

Bryce did as I told, but the couch seemed to be too small for him, his long legs hanging over the edge. Luckily the hand rests were low, so he was leveled evenly. For a moment I watched him lay still as he was doing the same - watching me.

"Hmm... Turn around, turn yourself facing the wall!"

And for a first time I saw an emotion on his face. A scowl, a silent question, like he wanted to ask me 'why', but didn't.

Helping him turn around, I strongly petted his massive shoulder with both of my hands, to make sure he stays in place. I was standing beside him for a couple of minutes, watching him. I took a blanket from a closet and covered him and got back in my bed.

"Lights ou

depends of my owners preferences."

"Oh... OK." So, he likes all the things I like and dislike, if I am correct. So boring. Like an empty shell, with no personality. Truly - a machine.

"Your eyes. I like your eyes. ... Your eyes are very beautiful."

It was a surprise for me. Did he really say it? I wanted to ask him to say it again as I thought maybe I imagined things, maybe I was half asleep already. But no words came out. I didn't expect him, of all the 'people', to say such a thing about me. Was it a reason why he stared at me so much. I felt my cheeks to burn up a little from a sudden emotion, but thankfully nothing could be seen in this darkness.

It was so strange. Right now Bryce didn't seem so intimidating and dangerous as he was sleeping near me. Not his constant stare nor his large body was presented in a threatening way, just his still sleeping frame with even breathing in a total darkness.

"Uhm... Thanks!"

I didn't say anything and didn't question him further, still dwelling on his last sentence. The night went on and I unnoticeably drifted in to deep sleep.

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