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   Chapter 16 _16_

A living THING By SBany Characters: 7157

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Aghrr ... These voices ... Will they shut up?

I lazily tried to open my eyes, still hearing voices in my head.

"Hello? Hey! Can you hear me?" now I heard them more clearly.

"What? Who is talking?" I pushed myself up from bed to get a sense of what was going on.

"You big dummy! It is me, Sharlene! Where were you? Sleeping again?"

"Oh! Sorry, yeah, I was asleep."

Somehow while sleeping I have managed to pick up the call from her. I have to remember to take off my ring when I go to bed. It is dark as I scan the scenery outside the window of my bedroom. I feel exhausted, my neck is stiff along with my shoulders, I feel physically broken. I don't know how, considering I have done nothing today. I gently rub my head taking my attention back on Sharlene.

"Hey! What's the problem, Sharlene?"

"Me and Laura are free now, so we would like to meet you up and check out your new toy. I know you went to pick him up today. Laura is dying here in anticipation to see him."

"Ahm! Sorry girls, but not today. I don't feel well and it's already too late. We can manage something tomorrow. You both come over to my place and you can have all your time with Bryce. OK?"

"Bryce? You named him Bryce. That's a cool name. How does he look like?"

"Not today girls. Tomorrow, tomorrow! Now - good night you both"

"OK ... Have a good night sleep you sleepyhead!" Before she finishes I hear a distant whining of Laura. Poor girl. Didn't get what she wanted.

I take my time and sit on my bed looking at nothing. I should go home. I let out a long yawn and climb out of my bed. Opening a door I see the dim lights in hallway. Everything is quiet and I don't see a single soul in my sight. I let out another yawn. I start to stumble down the hallway in slow wobbly steps still in my drowsy state.

"Did you sleep well?" I hear a low voice near me.

"Wha...?" startled I turn around and see Bryce standing next to my bedroom door, tall and still, seeing his head slightly turned my way.

"How did you get here? You... you weren't here just minute ago!" I was still standing with my mouth opened trying to come up with a

in consideration what I told him about his behavior around me, as he didn't respond after my request. The thought troubled me as I didn't have any idea of what he was thinking in these kind of moments. Does he even think, does he have thoughts? I have no idea.

"This is were I live and spend most of my time as well in my workplace across the street." I informed him while opening the elevator to my apartment.

Again - silence. I entered my apartment which was pitch black, the only light coming from the nightly city outside.

"Lights on."

The space light up as soon as I said it. I went strait to my bathroom to get my shower and left Bryce alone, I was too tired to care of what he will do while I am in there. After that I went strait to my bed not noticing Bryce exploring my apartment.

"Lights out."

The whole room was dark again, the only thing was my bodyguard's dark silhouette on the far end of my bed.

It looked so creepy as I imagined him watching me. I should switch him off so I have easier time to sleep.

"Lights on."

Indeed, he was watching me from above. I got off the bed and stood in front of him so close, my hands started to get sweaty. I wasn't quite sure how to do it, how to turn him off, but I have to try. I started to lift my hand over his huge shoulder when he suddenly grabbed it in a tight grip.

"What are you doing?" He said with a little hint of threat in his voice.

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