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   Chapter 15 _15-

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"Welcome home Mr William!" Nora greeted my father from other side of the room were we were talking.

I gave him a warm smile acknowledging his presence and made a subtle wave with my arm by greeting him from far away.

"Looks like I am late for a party! Sooo... Let me see you..." Dad stepped in front of Bryce who was standing near doorsteps and took a hold on both of his upper arms inspecting his being from head to toe. "They have made you just exactly as I made you to be. Amazing job from CyRo's indeed!" My father backed of a one step to take a look at his whole frame and gently stroking his own chin in thought at the same time. "What's your name?"

"My name is SCS-6, but everybody can call me Bryce" he stated to my father looking down at him from his height.

"Bryce? Who is Bryce, honey!" Dad looked at me over other people heads with little curious glint in his grayish blue eyes.

In response I answered him with questioning smile and shrugged my shoulders. He probably is thinking who I named him after.

"Welcome to our family, Bryce!" dad lets out rumbling laugh. Before coming towards me he faces my bodyguard: "By the way, I am Kyra's father, your 'father' - boss." And he strongly pets Bryce on it's shoulder. "Why is everyone just standing here? Nora? Could you bring some drinks and food? We need to celebrate the new family member's homecoming."

I can see his mood is up in the sky, laughing and joking around. Nora have already taken some of other maids with her to bring us some appetizers. Do we really need a party for Bryce, he probably doesn't even care. I thought after introducing him I could go back to my room and rest. But now ... My father approaches me with one hand lifted towards me. He weaves it around my shoulders and gives a tight squeeze.

"Hm? How are you, Kyra? Tell me, how do yo

y face expression except this blank one and the most annoying thing is his constant starring. The starring ... it freaks me out. What kind of machine you made when you were doing his set up?"

He was silent for a moment. I was waiting in anticipation of what he has to say.

"I did what I did and I am not regretting any choice I made 'making' him. My personal advice for you is, spend some time and make an effort to get to know him. He is supposed to be and act like a human being. And I think you will have to get to know him in the same way as with some other ordinary person. Tell him about yourself too, let him know what you expect from him, how you want him to behave around other people or you. He cannot figure it out himself. There was no option to equip him with mind reading. Just take your time, OK, sweetie?"

He turned around and left me standing alone in confusion.

"Dad? Dad? Are you really gonna leave me just like that? Really? I ... I thought you would ..." I didn't finish my sentence as I saw him slipping away - far enough for him not to hear my subtle protests.

Before he disappeared behind the corner I noticed Bryce studying my frustrated reaction from the far end of the living room.

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