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   Chapter 14 _14_

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Everyone's eyes got back on Bryce as soon as I said those words. I took this opportunity to get my cheeks dry of remaining moisture from my recent crying. It would be bothersome to explain everybody about my breakdown, but I already knew somebody would come and probe me with their worry and questions. All of the staff where here except Mike in this large doughnut shaped living room.

Right in a middle of room on one meter high pot are different kinds of small trees, bushes some flower plants and little bit of grass. The living space underneath a glass floor is filled with sand in different colors making some sort of artwork or a mosaic, constantly shifting and switching places time to time by a system embedded deeper down in to the floor - functioning the same way as a kaleidoscope and making the vegetation look like a tiny oasis. Around it are placed smaller and larger pebbles which are encircled by a sealed belt of glass filled with running water stream, making a tiny sound of constant chatter. Two almost black blood red couches are around the pot of plants with droplet shaped coffee tables. The upper floor connecting staircase leads to my room and some other places in a house which is decorated with matted light blue glass railing - as it continues on the balcony facing the whole living room. You can spin the section around the oasis to fit your siting position on the couches on whichever side you want to face in that moment. The top of the whole living room is enclosed with pentagon shaped glass panes, letting the bright daylight sun gorge the life inside the dome.

I cleared my th

Or maybe it is just my imagination, maybe my paranoid mind is making me think that way.

Suddenly Nora seems to have lost all the interest in him as she approaches me : " Oh, sweetie! Your father is on the way home too, might be here any minute. Have he met Bryce already?"

"No, I haven't met him today and he certainly haven't seen him too."

"Is everything alright, Kyra? You seem to be worried."

"Don't pay so much attention to me, Nora. I am ALL fine! Just a little bit tired!" I gave her a warm smile, while gently rubbing her back."

We all chatted for some time. Some younger maids were constantly eyeing Bryce an letting out some girly giggles, while male staff were closer to him, looking more interested in his beings technical side and asking him some random questions. I didn't pay much attention what they were saying. The only thing I noticed was my bodyguard's slight glances on my way.

"Oh oh hoo! What do we have here! A new family member?" I averted my gaze towards the sound, seeing my father standing on doorstep with wide grin on his face.

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