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   Chapter 13 _13_

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Actually, I didn't expect him to answer me, considering he haven't voiced anything since his activation. Shiver run down my spine, hearing Bryce's voice for a first time - low, husky and amazingly calm, with no trace of emotion of any kind.

For some reason it swayed me out of my previous annoyance, hearing his unprovocative response. If someone would have continued this kind of conversation with me, it would farther fuel my unwanted negative emotions. I hated to be angry, hated to be in negative state of mind. For few years I have been free of dark and suffocating mindset. Haven't seen my constant nightmares for years, helped me to get free of that world I was living in for many years. Right now I even forgot what I was going to say, looking at his perfectly handsome face, slightly my jaw had dropped of sudden surprise.

"Will you please put this on?" again I handed the dark shirt to him, taking a little glance at his sparkling eyes.

Finally he took it from me and I was about to get his pants from a bathroom counter when I heard his low rumbling voice:

"Will you help me?"

It sounded like a tease, but looking at his face, I didn't see any emotion indicating his intentions. Well, what am I thinking? He is serious - he is a robot. I didn't answer him, leaving his pants where they were, I took his shirt and helped him to get his arms in it's sleeves - a big baby indeed. I started to button it, having done the lower ones, I tried to reach the top ones - one by one until I reached two last ones on the top. I had to stand on my toes to get them done. My arms barely allowed me to reach his collar, by his tall being, almost leaning on his 'muscular' chest. Bryce lowered his head to stare at me again and blocking the last button with his

ing on in there. Then I suddenly remember I sent Bryce downstairs to wait for me. Oh god! This is not good! I quickly run to the stairs that connects the upper floor with the floor where all the ruckus is happening. I see Nora with a large spoon raised in the air towards still standing Bryce. Oh no! I don't want to think what would happen if she manages to hit him. It is clear to me that he would view it as an attack or a danger to him. I can't allow him to hurt her.

"No! Nora, stop it!" I shout from upstairs right in time, before she have managed to swing at Bryce.

"Don't do it! It's Bryce - my bodyguard!"

Now I see couple other staff who have come to see the commotion, all ogling the huge guy in our living room. Everybody's eyes land on me while I am still standing on top of the huge stairs. Feeling my legs getting week under the intensity of the scene which could have happened if I haven't been interrupting them at the right moment. I look at Bryce who have already landed his eyes on me looking to my still tear coated cheeks. With difficulty I try to make my way down to explain and introduce everybody in this household with my bodyguard - Bryce.

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