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   Chapter 12 _12_

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"Dad! Dad! Answer me! " where is he when I need him?

I was pacing back and forth not knowing what to do now. How can my dad forget to tell me I have to take my own clothes to dress up the android, shouldn't CyRo provide it? If anybody outside of this building sees me with a half naked 'man', I will be a center of gossip for months around the city. I have to think of something. Maybe I can call Mike, yeah, Mike - that's my only option for now.

I glanced over Bryce, who was still standing still in the same spot like a human doll. All three man have left some time ago leaving myself to deal with my own problems.

"Will you stop starring at me, Bryce?" I shot him an irritated look. Doe's he even hear me, can he talk? Agghh! Pressing a button on my ring I got connected with Mike.

"Hey, Mike? Can you help me with one thing? Could you pick me up from a garage in basement and I will need your jacket too! And don't ask me why, you will see later."

"OK my Lady."

"Come, Bryce!"

I got to the door peeking trough to see if other CyRo customers were in reception area. It would be a problem if somebody would recognize me. Turning around to see if Bryce was following me, I was suddenly faced with his bare chest just inches away from me. Looking up at his piercing gaze I gestured him to follow me towards the customer elevator. I didn't dare to look directly at him after that, afraid to get intimidated by his constant starring. Still through corner of my eye I could see him following me close by. The feeling of being so close to him made me feel nervous, but for some luck half of my mind was focused on how to get him out of here unnoticed by ever present paparazzi. When we finally reached the basement I noticed Mike on the right side of us just few meters away with our car.

"Hey! Mike! Mike! Come here, quick!" I shouted in a loud whisper.

"My Lady! Wh

ad Bryce to talk to while you were gone."

"Really? Can he really talk?"

" Sure he does! Right, Bryce?"

I looked at him and he just nodded. Well that's so much for talking! I rolled my eyes at the statement and faced the busy road in front of me.


My father's living space was sealed of from busy streets outside and it was much easier to get Bryce out of the car in to the house, without anybody questioning it.

"Thank you Mike! I will be going to get Bryce dressed and prepare him for leaving." I left Mike and asked Bryce to follow me while holding his new clothes folded in my hands.

I lead him to one of the large bathrooms in my father's house, feeling slightly irritated by taking care of this SO ADVANCED android, more like a baby. I tried to push my negative thoughts away and maybe find something positive in this, in him.

"Now, take of that jacket, I have new one for you, which will fit you better." I stepped closer to him and retrieved it giving the new shirt in return.

"Put it on!" He looked at shirt and then at me. "Can you do it yourself?" I started to get very irritated and mad by the way he acted. "Can you even talk? ANSWER ME!" I couldn't hold in anymore and raised my voice.

"Yes!" responded Bryce.

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