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   Chapter 11 _11_

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I intently looked at the capsule as it was opening slowly, making me nervous of what I will see in there. First I noticed two strong build legs. My gaze shifted higher up as the top of the coffin, which had already lifted up to the top, revealed the thing I will be in constant contact with in the future. My jaw dropped slightly when I got the full view of my bodyguard. He was very tall, very big. Even right now, while he was standing slightly above the ground, I could tell my own height reached only to his mid chest. It was broad with strong arms, a fine six pack - very muscly looking, if I could call those muscles. I doubt they are. His strong neck connected with his square jaw. Perfect angled eyebrows accented his calm and motionless face. My gaze reached the very top of his being noticing his grayish brown hair cut short with bit longer strands on top of his head. His white boxer pants covered his completely naked body. This android looked so peaceful right now, but at the same time very intimidating by his size and heavy build.

He looked SO NORMAL.

I mean, he didn't look like an ordinary citizen which were more skinnier and shorter, but I didn't find any part in him which represented his true nature - a robot.

"Ms? Let me give you this Micro-H-tab in which you can find all the instructions needed for his future use as well as your purchasing contract and all the information you have selected previously for this android." informed me the scientist who was admiring android as I did.

"Ahm... yes, OK!" I was still dumb folded by the thing I am facing now. Luckily all my nervousness have almost disappeared, seeing he is nothing like a regular robot.

"Do you want it to be switched on? We can go through basic manual right now if you are not in a hurry."

"No, I have plent

in front of him. HEY! SCS-6? Look at me!"

SCS-6 slowly in a calm motion averts it's gaze away from me to focus on a man beside me. ...thanks stopped...

"See? He is perfectly normal. So do you have a name for him?"

"Name? Ahm no. Do I need one?"

"Well, you can call him SCS-6, but I think it would be much easier for everybody to give him a real human name. But remember you can not change it afterwards. It is a one time thing."

"OK, let me think... BRYCE... I will call him Bryce."

I didn't notice while I was talking with CyRo man, but this android - I mean Bryce was again starring right in to my eyes. It started to give me creeps. Am I only one who is seeing this? Two other young man have been silent since they came here, writing down some things time to time. Maybe they are some new employees or students. The old man seems to know a lot more about this.

"That's a good name! Very rare, I haven't heard it around a lot. ........ So I have set him up with a new name. You can still use his original series number as his name, he still will respond to it."

"OK! Thank you a lot!"

"Now, you just have to dress him up and you both can leave!"

Dress him up? What?

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