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   Chapter 10 _10_

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I look down at my dirty hands, scrubbing the thin layer of soil coating my delicate skin. Just few more saplings have to be planted in my edible plant section. Hopefully they will survive till harvesting time. Most of them are too weak to last even first few weeks. Many times the best option is just to leave them to depend on themselves, to leave them so the nature can do it's work.

?My Lady? It's already time to go." I turn around and see Mike standing between the lush bushes covering the entrance in the small greenhouse section.

?Is it time already? I didn't notice. ... Just give me a moment to clean up myself" I gave him a nervous smile as he nodded in agreement.

I came here early this morning to relieve myself from anxiety witch have been present for last two days – especially today. I had to calm down myself by doing some work here and let my mind to focus on other things than a new android. But Mike managed to pull me back to reality just now. Just a thought of robot in my home made me feel on edge. As I was washing my dirty hands I felt my heart start racing a bit faster. In no time I will be faced with this machine who will follow me everywhere. I close my eyes and took a deep breath. I have to calm myself. This is ridiculous. It is just an android. Not everyone is malfunctioning. It is just a normal thing. Just a no

ng was common in all tree of them, they all were the same modern white lab coats like Mr Cahlfer.

?Are you Ms Elkwood?" the older one asked me.

?Yes, it is me."

?Great! Is this your first android?" asked the old man with with excitement gleaming in his eyes. He must like his job by the way he acted.

?Uhm... yes, it is."

?Great, congratulations with your first... first android! Guys! Open the capsule SCS-6. Come, come this way Ms Elkwood. He is over here, right here. A fine specimen indeed. It has all the attributes for a perfect machine. You must be very rich to afford such a luxurious thing." mumbled crazy scientist.

We stopped in front of one of the capsules, standing beside it I noticed it was larger than other ones. Young man with mohawk pressed a button on his Micro-H-tab and the capsule slowly opened up.

Looking at the half opened capsule I felt my heart stop.

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