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   Chapter 9 _9_

A living THING By SBany Characters: 5365

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Kyra's POV.

All week have been busy for me. But finally we solved the conflict with company and the rest of the days left this week will be less stressful. I had to do all the work myself to solve the problem. I feel so tired. My shoulder muscles were stiff from all the stress I have been trough the last few days. I might need some back massage to relieve the aching.

I turn around my chair to face a window behind me. The sun is already setting, reflecting it's rays on the tall buildings in the city. It is so beautiful. Every night as sun sets down the Amber city changes in to yellow/red fiery stone landscape. The city's name fits to it's appearance. Most of the Amber city's new buildings are made of glass. In a daytime it is sky blue until it changes to the color of this beautiful gemstone. Lot of people come here to see the changes. The streets are swarming with faces of different races from places afar. Amber is the largest city in this side of the world.

My thoughts and my gaze shifts farther beyond the city's edge. It's nothing out there, just endless plains of sand - red burning sand. I haven't been traveling around a lot, just to some nearby cities. Everything we people need is located here in Amber, there is no need to go out there. Out in the desert there is no water, no food, no life. Only way to travel through dunes are with sand ships or well equipped and long lasting vehicles. I wonder how the world looked like before, before everything burned out. With trees, plants and all kinds of animals and living creatures. It's been 300 years since times world changed. I h

ht!" I reply now to nobody as she have already left. Still feeling quite drowsy, I lift my hand to rub my forehead between my eyes.

"Oh my! Did I really fell asleep?" I ask myself out loud. I take a look outside my window. It is already dark and I can see a full moon rising from the icy looking dunes casting it's dim light on them. It still amazes me how much the landscape changes during 24 hours - throughout the day we are facing red sun blazed and in night time moon lit sand. Such a contrast in color.

I slightly rub my eyes to wake myself from sleep. "I have to get back home too. Still not enough of sleep. Aaawhh!" I let out a loud yawn as I am stumbling towards my elevator.

"Ahw! Just few more steps... my sweet sweet bed...I am coming.... just wait for me!"

Finally - after painful 5 minute walk down the office I have reached my bed. I fall right in to it on my stomach.

"One more week, one more week and I will have to take care of mindless machine. Damn! Why me? "

I fall in deep sleep thinking about the day I will meet it - meet him.

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