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   Chapter 8 _8_

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Entering the CyRo technologies building I greeted Angela at the reception. As before, she lead me to the offices located to the left side of her desk. This route was already well known for me at this moment by coming here many times to work on android.

"Thank you Angela for escorting me!" I thanked her while admiring her being. She looked amazing. I mean it technically. I have never seen so advanced machine ever before. It could fool anybody by the way she looked.

"No problem, Mr Elkwood! I will leave you then, my colleague will take care of you from now on." the beautiful android girl left me in a hallway in front of the office where I will be doing my work.

I pressed the button on a panel beside the door, indicating my arrival. Quietly door opened and my eyes met with yet another perfect android woman. They have made her look older than Angela, with long light brown hair completely straight reaching down to her elbows. Her face is less chubbier with high cheek bones, eyes are almond shaped with high arched eyebrows. Free flowing hair are split in two equal portions sliding down on each side, so perfectly straight, with no single knot in them, part of them resting on her full chest. Out

ecimen! ...Pmmmff haha ha...

"Excuse me Mr Elkwood, I want to inform you after confirmation you can not change anything anymore." Karen looked at me with mild warning look.

"Haha ha, sure thing Karen. I am aware of that. Pffm... can't an old man have some fun?"

She didn't say me anything this time, just looked at me. I flashed her a white smile and continued my work, ever so slightly letting out a quiet lough remembering thing I did minutes ago.

After like an hour work on physical aspects I inspected everything again to make sure nothing is missing and everything is done. I lifted my finger and demonstratively pressed 'CONFIRM'.

"Thank you, Karen, for the pleasant company." I gave her a Micro-H-tab and left a room. Kyra will be very surprised about a final result, I am sure of it.

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