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   Chapter 7 _7_

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Williams Elkwood POV.

(Flashback. Few weeks ago in CyRo technologies warehouse.)

Kyra left us alone with Mr Cahlfer to take a look around the warehouse. I turned to face director beside me changing my happy and relaxed expression. I had serious matters to discuss with him in regards of the virus.

"Mr. Cahlfer, I have one very important question to ask you! You see, the reason I am here is because my daughter got attacked by a robot. And a thing is - he was infected with some kind of virus. At the moment I don't have much information about the virus itself, but I am aware that many in your field of work know what I am talking about. So do you, I assume?"

"Khhm, sorry Mr. Elkwood? What do you imply, do you think it is something to do with me?"

"No. I just want to warn you, if something goes wrong with the android I am purchasing, you will have to pay for consequences, and not in money I am afraid." I warned him.

He immediately became nervous and averted his gaze away from me.

"Mr I... I assure you, everything is safe in this company, there is no way this highly dangerous virus could get in these premises." stuttered director. "I am very aware and clearly understand the situation myself, it would be downfall for my company. We have the highest security for these reasons alone. And I never... never would give away damaged pro

st spooked me a little bit. Nothing to worry about."

As she blurted out her reasoning, I could tell she didn't say a whole truth. I knew my daughter too well to see trough her attempt not to make me worry about her so much.

"Don't scare me Ms Elkwood... ehmm... Kyra like that. I thought something serious happened to you." with worried expression asked the companies director.

He was already scared for his business and career before he got here where Kyra was, now I could finally see it on his face too.

After Kyra left us, I talked with Mr Cahlfer a little bit more about what would happen to him if anything goes wrong.

Today I am heading to see them again, but not Mr Cahlfer himself, but to do Kyra's bodyguards physical set up - if I could call it like that. It will be so much fun, like the previous two times I was here in her place. That's my stuff, thing I really enjoy of doing.

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