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   Chapter 5 _5_

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This morning I woke up early. I have an important meeting at work and later on I have to meet my two best friends - Sharlene and Laura. They desperately want to hear the news about my new bodyguard.

I take a hot shower, dry my hair and put some make up on - mascara, some eye shadow. Orange/brown color, which makes my eyes more noticeable. I do a little touch on my eyebrows. They are almost naturally perfect. I never spend much time doing them. And I apply light pink lipstick, but very pale in color. I don't put this flashy make up what is popular now. It totally doesn't suit my personality. That is something for my two friends to wear. Today I am gonna wear a short, black dress with two dark metallic lining on both of my sides. The dress has no sleeves and it fits my body perfectly. I put my hair in a tidy bun and let out some curly strands of hair to cascade down on one side.

I work with my father on our family business, but in a different building in the city. It is hard work for me. I am a manager and I have to be very strict to keep in line my employees. I have even heard them calling me a bitch. I am not the friendliest person at work now. When I was younger, I got bullied and pushed around a lot. I was very weak and soft person. It was easy to control me. Later I learned to stand my ground and not to get too close to people who might use me. Now I am this cold and snobbish lady, who doesn't care about anybody. But in reality I am totally not that kind of person. I hate to pretend to be this strict and tough woman. It is hard for a woman in this kind of business where most of the leading people are man.

My own apartment is next to my workplace. My dad allowed me to move back here. I convinced him I will be OK few weeks and I won't wonder around city too much. I take a quick bite of fresh apple and I am ready to leave. I get down with elevator. Its is almost few steps across the street and I am already in my office building. I great my receptionist Clara and continue my way down the hall till I reach my personal elevator. No one is allowed to use it except me, my family or my both friends Sharlene and Laura. I get on the last floor in the building where my office is. Some staff great me some not. It doesn't bother me. I just walk farther down the huge staff office till I reach my room. I get in and I am relieved to get some space and piece, away from all the people around me. I like my job, but because I am not very social person, I don't enjoy a lot of company and being around people all the time.

My office looks a lot different than an ordinary one. It has a large window facing the city outside. It is especially beautiful at dawn. I can see the sky above the city to melt in different kind of fiery colors every night. On both sides there are two tree root like structures framing a window. On the left side I have a small indoor tree. Two ordinary couches and my crescent moon shaped office desk where I am working. But the most interesting thing is my chair. It looks like a half closed blossom. I also have a little plant on my desk. It is dahlia. My mom's name was Dahlia. It makes me feel like my mother is always with me. If the plants wouldn't be so expensive, I would have a whole room with them.

I cherish living things, and I have to have them to calm me down at times and give me 'energy' in this mechanic world.

I was scrolling trough the documents I received from my secretary this morning. There were some new contracts for today's meeting. This company was designing some new vehicles which would replace the cars we drive today. He wants us to help him achieve this new project with providing some high quality energy cells for new machines.

?So many new things are appearing..." I sighed.? New cars, new ships, weapons.... robots..."

I was starting to wonder about my new android. How he will look like, act.

Will I like him...

?That's a bit hard to imagine." I said out loud.

Knock, knock.

?Come in!" I said.

I tried not to look so dazed off in my thoughts as I was seconds ago.

?Ahm! Kyra! Mr Braun has arrived. He would like to start the meeting earlier. He is in a hurry to attend some other businesses."

"Alright! I am almost finished with these documents. Tell him I will be over in 5 minutes, Anna!" I told my secretary while not moving my gaze off computer.

Anna is very good and sincere employee. I trust her a lot. I don't trust any other staff as much as her. With information she has access to, I can't afford to let it get out of this office. I would say she is the only one I completely trust in this company. Her figure is tall and slim, with straight dark hair, which she always keep in a tidy bun. Her eyes are hidden behind glasses. She is kind and it seems a little scared of me at ti

mes. With her shy and timid nature I try to be nice to her, I don't want to scare her off.

I finish all my work and I transfer needed documents to the meeting room. I take the last look on my reflection in the window, and leave for the meeting.

When everybody left from Mr Braun's company, I got back to my office. Damn, this guy was really annoying. He was in his late twenties, with short dark hair combed neatly and well built body and light green eyes. He was trying to make a big impression on me by making funny remarks and bombarding me with compliments. It wouldn't bother me if it would take place in more informal location, but here I was concentrating on business, but he was acting like this was some kind of date. What did he try to accomplish? We didn't sign a contract yet, so we will have to meet again. I don't want to take a risk and provide expensive resources in a project I know very little about. Mr Braun will have to try harder to impress me or find some other technique to make me accept his offer sooner.

As I was approaching my office I noticed Anna was trying to inform me about something.

"Ms? I want to inform you that your friends are here waiting for you in your office." She said timidly while I was already opening my office door. She didn't have to continue as I saw my two best friends sitting on couches facing each other. I just nodded to Anna and closed the door.

The next thing I heard were high pitched squealing from both Sharlene and Laura. They both were more noisier than me and their looks were opposite of mine. While I was very plain and conservative, they both looked like some crazy punk teens.

Sharlene had dark red hair with some dreads and a gear looking hair pin. She wore black latex top with few artificial leather belts around her waist. Dark blue jeans with teared up knees and a pair of heavy combat boots, which looked like ones from centuries ago.

Laura was more futuristic type of girl. She always had a very slim and tight outfits. Today she was wearing a white dress with two neon blue stripes along her side. It was very similar to my outfit today, but hers was made of different material - something like latex. She had short white blond hair with longer strands on her right side colored in neon blue, matching the outfit. Tomorrow she will have a different hair color, I guarantee. And off course - two matching boots with the same neon blue lining in the middle of the high sole, reaching to her knees.

"Aaawh! How is my Princess of the city doing today?" asked Sharlene and hugged me tightly.

Every time we meet, she always comes up with some new nickname for me. Laura came from behind me and hugged me too. I was practically trapped between them.

"I am OK. I just got back from important meeting, and I am little bit tired. " I smiled at them and went back to my desk to sit down. "Sorry girls, I haven't been in touch with you both for a couple of days, I was just ..."

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" Laura interrupted me."Spit it out! Tell me about him! I am dying to see him!"

"Ohh...! That thing!" I finally realized they wanted to know about my android bodyguard.

They both were sitting in front of my desk like two curious children waiting for candy with large puppy eyes getting ready for me to spill out every information I have got.

"I am sorry to inform you 'ladies' but I am not getting my bodyguard right now." I was mocking them in this polite speech. I was waiting to see their disappointed faces while trying to hold in my lough.

"What? Seriously? And we came all this way just to hear this?" Sharlene slouched down with sad face.

"No. I am just joking, girls!"

"You little bitch!" Both of them slapped me on my arm simultaneously.

"But I am not getting him for a couple of weeks. We still need to do some work, until I get it."

I noticed Laura making her puppy eyes at me again.

"What do you want Laura?"

"Can you please make him look really handsome and funny and strong for mejQuery214017450470074061886_1533663514112? I know that you really don't care about that aspect in your robot. But, please, just for me this time...."

"You know what? I will make sure to make him look very ugly and disgusting. Just for you my dear friend!" I was staring right in her eyes.

"Ha ha ha! That is what you deserve for your greediness, Laura." Sharlene bursted out of lough and finally I did it too, while watching Laura's 'sad' face.

"I know, you didn't mean it, Kyra!" finally Laura joined our little laughing orgy.

"But... can we at least go with you to pick him up, when the day comes?"

"No problem, but just get a different outfit, I don't want to loose you there. Right now you look like the interior itself. " I gave her a wicked smile, while watching her puzzled face.

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