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   Chapter 3 _3_

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After like an hour drive we stopped in front of a large glass building with companies name on the top - CyRo Technologies. Behind it had what seemed to be a factory or a warehouse. The front of the building was beautiful. It had 6 large crystal like pillars, 3 in each side of the entrance door and huge stairs that lead towards it. The building behind it had many floors and two warehouses situated inside of them. Even though it looked to be a factory building, it was still like a very well kept and cared for office type of structure. A lot different from my fathers. But my father's company was much older. Almost 200 years. And it haven't been changed much since then.

We entered the building and were greeted by a young lady. Maybe 25 years old? She looked very beautiful with white blond hair, cut down shoulder length and a thick braid around her head - from one ear to another. She didn't have much make up on, but her eyes popped out. They were emerald green and they looked like two freshly cut gemstones. And she looked very kind.

"Hello, Sir! Ms! How can I help you?"

"We are here to meet a director Cahlfer" my father replied.

"Do you have an appointment with him?"

"Yes. He knows we are coming today. Tell him that William Elkwood is here."

"OK. You will have to wait a moment." she said and smiled at us.

But it looked really forced and unreal. It didn't fit her kind face. I looked at her name tag - it said her name is Angela. Under it was something written with smaller letters. I squinted eyes to see better. It said "RTK-163". weird. I wonder what it means. My thoughts are interrupted when a man walked in the reception area, where we were waiting. He had a white, very modern lab coat on and dark brown hair, almost black, looked a little bit younger than my dad. And he had a very serious face.

"Good morning, Mr Elkwood. It is such an honor to have you here. And who is a young lady here, may I ask?"

"Same to you Mr Cahlfer. This is my daughter - Kyra Elkwood."

"It's my pleasure!" he takes my hand.

He had a very firm handshake. It matched his stern facial expression.

"Sorry, I didn't inform you what we are coming here for. But I suppose it is obvious to you why. Isn't that right?" my father said to him.

"You want android, right? For what purpose. We have everything for everybody. And we can customize them for everyone's special need and tastes. ----- We have office working androids, cooks, androids for public services, heavy work robots, law force and military androids as well personal companions. We also sell a regular robots and working machines, but it is not our focus now - days anymore. And we have a lot more, you name it. Now we stride to achieve more human like looking and acting androids. You probably already met Angela - our receptionist. Isn't she nice? you almost can't tell the difference between our android and human being. She is one of our newest office work models "RTK-163". Though I am afraid to say we still have some problems with some of the facial expressions."

"Yes, we would like to have protection android for my daughter here. She got attacked by somebody days ago, and I am really worried about her safety now. A bodyguard - who looks human like. Kyra is not very fond of robots, so it would remind her less that he is a one."

"You are here at a right time, Mr Elkwood. I am happy to inform you that our new line of androids are meant to replace human protection services. It is more safer for people who need to do this kind of work. It is too dangerous for them. They can get killed. But by providing our compatible protection androids, they can find and have much safer job. And androids can do things what humans can't. And this project is combined with specifics from another of our projects, like - companion type androids, which makes them look and act incredibly human. I hope that would satisfy your requirements?"

I was just standing there and listening them talk about this stuff. I wanted to interrupt them to remind, especially my father, that the android is for me - so I would have the choice to decide for myself. But knowing him, he still would not listen in that matter. I even couldn't convince him not to get one of androids few days ago in a first place.

"Dad, I don't need some fancy type of robot. Just some who can do their job. And it would be much cheaper." I said to my father with annoyance.

"Ms Elkwood is right. Our new special line of androids are a lot more expensive I am afraid to say. But I guarantee that their work abilities and performance is a lot higher than previous models. A say a lot." Mr Calfer tried to convince us.

"I don't care how much money I have to spent for it. The most important thing is that Kyra is safe." dad looked at me assuring. "So when we could see some of them?" he turned to ask Mr Cahlfer.

"Well, we could go and take a little look right now, just for you and Ms Elkwood. We usually don't allow unauthorized persons to enter manufacturing premises. But because you - Mr Elkwood are providing your products to help our business I will make an exception."

I got a little irritated that he called me Ms Elkwood. It made it sound like I am some middle age woman or worse - an old lady. I was just 24.

"Alright. And Mr Cahlfer, you can just call me Kyra." I added so he won't call me anymore that Ms Elkwood.

Mr Cahlfer then went to the desk where Angela was and took out some ID passes.

"Here take these, It will allow you both to get in restricted areas." he handed ID's to us. "Now, shall we go?"

We followed him to the long hallway that led away from reception area. After making some turns We stopped in front of the elevator. He pressed his hand on the scanner which allowed him to open it. The inside of it was white in color with two blue light illuminating stripes on each side of the "room". Wow! It looked so clean. Not even a single spot, probably not even a visible fingerprint on a wall. We started to go down. One floor, two, tree, ... seven? How much deeper are we going? I had no idea there is still a place underground. Elevator stopped. It's floor -9. Oh my. Are we going to see the center of earth? I was lau

ghing at myself. when we stepped out, we were facing two man. Behind them were a desk with security sign on.

"Good morning, Mr Cahlfer." one of them greeted director.

"Ma'am. Sir. Could we see your ID's?" the other one asked. I could tell he is an android. This one with no expression at all. So they still employ real people I thought when I looked at the security guard that talked to Mr Cahlfer.

After that we turned right and continued our way farther down the hallway until we reached quite large double sliding door. Director again did his thing with the scanner. The door opened and we walked inside a large storage/assemblage hall. The huge space there was enormous, with high ceiling - almost 2 or 3 stories up. Everything was filled with rows and rows with robot parts - body parts. It surprised me - the room was very bright with the same color theme as in the elevator. White, spotless with blue lights illuminating here and there. While I take quick look around I see the body parts which seem to be all ready to put together. I suppose we are not gonna see a manufacture facilities, where they make everything from scratch. Not that I am interested in anyways. I just want this done and get over this as quick as possible.

"So here we are! This is an assembling place for our new model androids, that you are interested in. I am afraid I can't show you how we make everything from scratch. The factory is located in a different facility in different city.

Here we get delivered finished parts and make sure to assemble everything in one specimen. You can take a look around and see the things for yourself. Just, please, don't touch anything. "

"Alright, Kyra, you go ahead. I will accompany you after a minute. I still have some things to discuss with Mr Cahlfer." said my father.

"Ok, dad!"

"And remember, don't touch anything!"

"You don't have to stress about that"

I left them both to talk to themselves. I believe it is some business talk again. I was too tired. I let my father to handle everything today. I was still exhausted from my lack of sleep recently.

As I walked down the path that lead farther down into the huge hall, I inspected many robotic body parts, which were hanging in endless rows. The basic structure for extremities all had a very similar concept of real human bones. Except these were made from some kind of metal. With some cables and wiring in them. I passed few rows farther. Here I saw what seemed to be chest parts, but it all had very simple structure. It looked more like soldier armor. I decided to check things down the at the very end. It was much more darker, with less light illuminating everything. Was I allowed to go this far? Mr Cahlfer would have said something. He just told 'not to touch anything. So far I haven't lifted a single finger. The more closer I was getting the more curious I got. What was here so far away from everything else? As I finally reached the end, I saw a couple of rows with robotic heads. Some already had all facial structure on, some just a forehead plate or a jaw. Even though it was quite dark I could still make out that all the pieces here had a brain already attached to the robotic skulls. They all looked so creepy.

I walked slowly farther down, inspecting every single one of them. It was weird, but because of some missing parts of the faces, it seemed to make them look more individual. Like every single one of them had its own personality by the looks of it. Then I came down to one of the heads which had almost full face structure ready. With definite square jaw. And two closed eyes. They looked a little bit angry. All of the previous ones had a blank face expression, but this one was different. I think this wouldn't show on the final product. There still must be a real outer skin to be put on the top of the facial features, what I am seeing here. Mr Cahlfer said they should look like human beings. So I doubt he will look like this in the end. I was still looking at this face. It kind of captivated me, I couldn't take my eyes of it. For split second I forgot I am looking at the robot, at the machine. Then suddenly I heard a faint mechanic sound and some sizzling with it. Like something turned on - some machinery. But it was very faint. You could definitely not here it from father away. The next thing I see the head in front of me jerks a little bit and suddenly it's eyes fly open. I let out a scream. For a second I thought my heart stopped. It's jaw was moving a little bit, like it wanted to say something. But no sound came out. Just this quiet mechanic humming. Its eyes were red with little light in them.

It looked a little terrifying to me. I was still looking directly in this machines eyes. It seemed to look into my soul. That's a feeling I got, while standing there. I backed off a little bit.

"Kyra? are you alright? Where are you, honey?" I heard my father shout in a distance.

He probably heard me screaming seconds ago. I started to walk towards my fathers voice. I wanted to get out of here quick. I felt so uneasy. That face... those eyes.... The events from days ago started flood in my mind again. At this moment I started to run. I wanted to get away. What happened there? I didn't touch anything, did I? No! I definitely did not.

"Kyra, here you are. What happened? Are you OK?" asked my father.

"Yes, I am OK." I said between my breaths. " I just saw some android faces there. It scared me for a moment. I didn't expect to see them. It was dark, it just spooked me a little bit. Nothing to worry about." I tried to assure my father I am OK.

"Don't scare me Ms Elkwood... ehmm... Kyra like that. I thought something serious happened to you." said Mr Cahlfer. For a first time in this morning I saw a bit emotion on his face. Maybe a worry.

?Hey, dad! Could we go home now? I don't feel too well."

I was lying to my father, that nothing happened there. Actually it really scared me. I just wanted to go home and forget about everything what happened today, what happened those days ago.

?Ok, honey. I will be with you in a minute. I just need to settle some things with Mr Cahlfer." He gave me a hug and I left him with director.

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