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   Chapter 2 _2_

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I still had 2 hours left to lay in my bed. After the accident, my father presented me with his GREAT idea to get me a bodyguard. We still don't know why the android attacked me, so he suggested to get me somebody for protection until we know for sure who is behind this.

Today we are going to choose my special protection robot/android. Yeah... A ROBOT. I don't know if I can trust them now. I feel little anxious about what happened.

We are going to the 'CyRo technologies' warehouse to see if we can get my bodyguard. CyRo Co. is the most trustworthy and their products have the best quality in the country. NOW I wouldn't want to get some crappy malfunctioning machine.

I get out of my bed and go into the large bathroom. My father told me to stay at his place for a while, because he fears for my safety. I look in a large mirror, wincing at my horrible reflection. I haven't been sleeping well and it's starting to show on my face. I have dark circles under my blue eyes and my dark brown hair is messy and tangled by spending all day in my bed. I take a cold shower to wake myself up. Today had to put on makeup to hide my tiredness. Because of my social status, I have to look presentable at all times, while going anywhere out in public. I put on some foundation and little bit of mascara, I brush my dark curly hair and leave it like that. I finish my look and get some comfy clothes and I am ready to go.

My father is already downstairs reading the news on Micro-H-tab. He looks ready to go. Unlike me, he has his suit on. Probably to leave impression on CyRo Technologies.

"Hey, Dad!" I smiled at him.

"Good morning, honey! Are you ready to get your new bodyguard?"

"What? I thought we are just going to check things out. Is it gonna be ready for me there? I heard that you can customize it with requirements that are needed. If that's what

they provide, then I want to select the traits myself."

"Well, yeah, that's what it says in the brochure. We will see how it is when we get there. If you don't like what they offer, than we can find a different company who provides protection services."

"OK, lets go then. I don't want to spend all day there. Actually I would prefer a simple machine, but I think that wouldn't do a good job of protecting me." I sighed. "Dad, why do I have to get one? I don't want one. I have been OK without any robotic help all my life. I don't trust machines to take care of people, to take care of me...."

"Kyra, don't worry, I will make sure we get the best one out there for you."

We go outside. The morning air was chilly. Our driver, Mike was already waiting for us by the car.

"Good morning, Mike!" I waved at him.

"Good morning, M'Lady!" he replied with a small smile.

My dad's phone started to ring. Definitely some business again. I was looking out the window of the car. After some time my dad's phone call ended.

"Hey, Honey! There are some news about the android who attacked you. It was Detective Carlos who called. They haven't found who is behind the attack yet, but they found something in the android's body. They say it didn't have system malfunctioning, but they found some type of virus, which damaged a main chip of that robot. Though it looked undamaged, when they ran some tests on it, it seemed to not respond to certain commands given. Like it had a mind of it's own. Like it had a choice to make decisions on its own. I don't know what this is about. I have never heard of this kind of stuff happening before. Anyway, just don't tell this information to anybody yet. We don't know if it's true. Carlos told me that some robot companies are aware of this virus. We definitely have to make sure androids in this company are safe."

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