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I was walking home from my workplace. I was so tired, I didn't pay much attention to my surroundings. When suddenly something, rather 'somebody' hit me. It seemed to be a young man, but when I took a closer look at him, I realized, it was a robot - one for office work. I didn't have the time to inspect him before suddenly he grabbed my neck and began to strangle me. What's happening? It was becoming difficult to breathe. I tried to pry his strong hands from my neck. This is the end of me I thought to myself. How can I possibly fight against a robot? He is stronger than a human. Then I heard whistles and people shouting nearby- barely loud enough to hear over my gasping breaths. I was loosing oxygen and any strength to fight him back. As I was clawing and scratching at his face in attempt to get away from his hold, I heard a faint sizzling and a gunshot, then the thud of someone collapsing on me. I felt the hands of the robot loosen and finally I was able to drink in the much needed air.

Once I got me senses back I noticed the people and policeman - human and robot - around me. The attacker was beside me on the ground. It's head was severely damaged - probably from the gunshot I heard. On his back I noticed a spider-like device still shooting a lethal amount of electricity in him which was making the sizzling sound I heard earlier. Such strong electrical shots are only used on robots, for humans it would be fatal.

One of the policemen asked me: " Are you OK? Are you hurt? Phil, call the medics!" the policeman called to another one of his colleagues.

For me everything was still fuzzy. I almost couldn't distinguish all the sounds around me. Somebody pulled me up onto a gurney. EMTs asked me something, but I couldn't understand what they were saying.

I woke up in a quiet, cream colored room. I recognized the pastel tones to be those of one of the most expensive hospitals in the city. I guess my father asked to have me placed here. It feels more homey than in an ordinary city hospital. I can't stand to stay in those places. The light greenish/blue color makes me feel lonely and cold. I feel lik

e a lab rat. Here everything is made to make us feel at home. In some of the rooms there are expensive decorations and paintings, hologram-mic computers to entertain ourselves; for a reasonable price, of course. Thanks to my father we can afford it.

I was looking out the window at the beautiful amber city, when I heard the door of my room open. It was my father. "Are you ready to go home, honey?" my father asked me with that big, white and kind smile of his.

His age was fifty-two, but he still looked very handsome. With short cut light grey hair, which looked almost white. He was still in a very good physical shape - my father really cares about his health and well being.

He doesn't have his office outfit today, I noticed. I am sure he took the day off because of me. He doesn't have to report for not being at work because he is a the boss of his own business. My family has owned a power company for almost four generations. We provide energy generating supplies for all kinds of businesses and devices. I could almost say this city runs only because of my family's investment in it.

" How are you feeling, Kyra? Are you ready to go home? I bet you are already tired of this place, knowing how much you like to spend time at home."

"Sure. I can't wait to get some work for my 'tired ' legs. How long was I 'out'?"

"Nurse told me only for 26 hours. You were in shock when they got you. Don't you remember anything?"

"No. After that guy... I mean that robot let me go ... no... . Do you now anything?"

" Only what I heard from the police officer. It appears to be some malfunctioning office android. But I have never heard about non war robot attacking a person. There really must be something wrong with it. Police is doing investigation on the case now. I asked one of my personal detectives to investigate as well. Maybe someone tried to hurt you intentionally. That would be more reasonable explanation I am afraid."

"Yeah, might be. But I don't know anyone who would do that, dad!"

"I will ask Carlos for more info after you and me get home. Get ready and lets go, honey!" smiled my father.

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