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   Chapter 49 Her Last Days…

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 8125

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Huan Meirong closed her half-opened eyes, continuing, 'We are in the second month, year 540 of the Blue Moon Age… in seventh months it will take place the Blue Moon Alliance Meeting in the All Boundary School where eldest brother is. If I'm able to go there and I meet him… Let's think about that later. What I have to worry about is if that Fifth Prince will be chosen as the Envoy of his country or not…

Well, he is Prince so he can participate. He also has the title of Wang and that increase the odds of him being chosen to attend the meeting but the problem lays in how opposite the rumours I have heard and the conjectures I have made are.

He should be strong and even quite smart, and not like all that bluff says. If so he must be hiding his strength, then, the big question is if the Emperor is also behind it. Being like that will mean that the Fifth Prince is indeed the favourite son of the King just like told in the rumours as it must be to protect him but if not, with all those ridiculous rumours, it means he is in no way liked by the King… hmm…' she stopped to muse a bit; before, she had thought it didn't matter whether it was the former or the latter but now she wanted to know which one had the higher possibilities of being true.

'Giving the fact that I was made his bride, it should be the second. Like some kind of twisted way of mocking him… I have seen something similar in the past… Oh, but it could also be because I'm blind and weak, and a person like that can't see or do anything… then, it's 50/50… Erghh…' She was going through what she thought were the more logic and obvious inklings according to her past experiences but there could be other reasons too.


Either way, it seems both are even and have good chances. Though there are plenty of Princes, not many hold great titles or have the age to attend.

Moreover, this is also the indulgent South…' she was caught in contemplating a pair of new thoughts she had just come up with that supported her newly devised path, drifting completely of her past route.

Her musing came to end soon after, however.

"My Lady, it is time to get out."

"Hmmnh…" Huan Meirong opened slightly her blind eyes.

"Oh, " she closed them again and nodded as she raised her upper body from the edge of the pool.

She went out with the aid of Xian Hei who later helped her to dry her body and hair, and be dressed up with the robes chosen b

ough she didn't attend, a copy of the list of the bride price was sent to her and was read by one of the palace maids. As she was playing being restless and curious about the thing she didn't know, she almost opened her mouth in shock as it was greater than her bride price in the past; that Cui Wang was really a spoiled brat. She almost felt it was a pity; however, she remembered that in the South a good part of the bride price was sent back as the dowry.

Dinner followed and sleep time also arrived. That night, she passed it contemplating the things she had thought earlier and before falling asleep she decided to follow that new path.

With her decision being made, she passed her last days in Huan City Lord's House with her heart being less annoyed; nevertheless, she was still unhappy. There were still some things that made her want to grin, though.

Those days, she had gone out of the courtyard a few times and she ended learning quite the things. The City Lord's third leg was wasted and he had been going mad about it; all the rumours around it were hilarious. And the day before her parting, one of the concubines she had helped was found to be pregnant, making more rumours to be spread. Because the count matched and the City Lord's problem was recent, the rumours weren't about the pregnancy but the strangeness of the City Lord's ill.

Unfortunately, her best laugh couldn't be drawn in her heart as Si Xuli's connection with the City Lord's misfortune had yet to be found.

In the end, she ran of time to have her last laugh:

The day for her to depart to her marriage had finally come.

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