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   Chapter 48 Asleep

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 4230

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Huan Meirong lasted a good while under the water that the palace maid, Xian Hei, began to felt a little anxiety; her charming pair of dark eyes wavered with uneasy and deep thought as well.

Her thoughts were brief as they were swallowed by her increased uneasy feeling when Huan Meirong suddenly came out of the water while coughing with a flushed face.

*Cough, cough* Huan Meirong turned back and walked to the edge of the pool. She placed both of her arms on the border and then, rested her head on them as she breathed deeply, thinking with some delight, 'Serves you right, ' she was feigning to tease Xian Hei and had a release of some of her frustrations, all right. She could have lasted the double or triple of that time and enjoyed the calmness of being under the water a bit more but she couldn't afford it. Nevertheless, she couldn't come out of the water in the time a normal person could endure just like that, she wanted a payback for her broken time of pleasure. Fortunately, in the past two weeks, she had noticed that whenever she was about to get hurt for real, the palace maids flinched and hurried to her aid, making her avoid the worst of embarrassments when she was "adapting" to the new courtyard. So she was able to pull a little something;

eaviness and stopped her body from sliding down.

Xian Hei who had given a few soundless steps forward when she saw Huan Meirong slowly sliding down stopped when she half-opened her blind eyes; she was more alert this time, though her dark eyes still held a glint of doubt.

Many thoughts that were different in essence but that seemed to serve to her purpose according to her new gained perspective began to flow in a disorderly way into Huan Meirong's mind.

A couple of minutes passed and having already sorted out all the messy thoughts of recollected information from her past life, she made sure they made sense and assessed the viability of her new reasoning, 'Getting stronger it's not the only way I can go back home, now that I just thought about it but… I will only reach it if everything falls perfectly in the right place…'

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