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   Chapter 47 “Relaxing” Times

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The bathing place wasn't at the same distance as before so Huan Meirong had a good breach of time to ponder about her wonders but she didn't do so, she shoved all of them aside instead. She focused in her acting as the palace maid leading her way this time was Xian Hei from which she thought she had the most observant eyes; that wasn't because the other five didn't have keen eyes but because she felt Xian Hei was the one who was paying more attention to her.

Slowly but surely, they came before a closed door that emanated a warm heat; they had reached the bathing place which was no more a simple bathtub at the side of a divided single room but a whole big room with a 4 x 3 x 1.4 metres pool. In fact, her residence was no more the little old cottage at the north most part of the City Lord's House but a courtyard proper of a daughter of the City Lord in the inner west wing.

The City Lord had acted really fast. Just after the announcement of the Imperial Decree, he had dispatched several people to arrange the courtyard where Huan Meirong was now staying as he and the Elders of Huan Family entertained and discussed the marriage matters with the entourage sent by the Emperor. Hence, since the night of that day, she had been living in a courtyard that reeked of luxury

uous. Having to feign being relaxed as though she had truly left makes me feel stupid. Though, to tell the truth, I'm not feigning being relaxed, I'm actually relaxed. If it weren't because of my little act… haa-h…' she submerged completely into the water. Because the six maids noticed her tension whenever they were around, they pulled a little trick. Since their first meeting with Huan Meirong they had been calculating the borderline of how heavy needed to be their steps for her to be aware of them as she was blind; hence, to not make her troubled with their presences, they had just made their steps lighter than that to make as if they had gone and weren't around her. And as someone who had readily taken note of their intentions, Huan Meirong had followed their play whenever they did that, dropping her tense act to have some "relaxing" times.

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