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   Chapter 46 Facades

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 5469

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'The Heavens aren't on my side!' That was the phrase that Huan Meirong had been screaming in her heart every now and then for the past two weeks. Her scream wasn't because of despair but anger instead; moreover, she had been containing it all along within her as she maintained a rather tense and overwhelmed facade.

Her acting skills weren't bad but she felt her performance was on the edge of collapsing at any time due to the situation she was at. Usually, the maiden's family would be the ones taking care of the bride's preparation but in her case things took a twist and six maidservants of Cui Palace had been left behind to serve her. It was strange and she couldn't have possibly been more baffled at that time as such an action might be taken as an offence. However, none of Huan Family's high-rank members voiced a word of complaint.

It was something to be expected, though. Right now, the Huan Family had not the rights of doing it as they weren't as high standing and mighty as the Imperial Decree had said they were; they had also heard the rumours about Cui Wang and his peculiar conducts of not behaving like a member of the Imperial Family so an abnormal extravagance and out-of-place doings were normal when it came from him. But that hadn't been all, despite being clueless about many things, a City Lord is still a City Lord, he had smelled something fishy going on so he had decided to let everything proceed the smoother he could.

His way of handling the matter had let Huan Meirong rather displeased as she needed more ruckus to make more accurate conjectures about the odd development things had taken. Hence

ui, I'm counting on you to choose the best of the best today, " Xian Feng said while turning around after having knotted beautifully an azure silk curtain.

"Absolutely, " Xian Shui replied with a soft smile.

"Then, Feng'er retires to oversee the meal's preparation, My Lady." With just those words, Xian Feng left the bedchamber without waiting for any form of reply from Huan Meirong's part.

Xian Shui proceeded to select the outfit as usual while Xian Hei helped Huan Meirong with her morning grooming. Such carefree attitudes did really rub Huan Meirong the wrong way; apart from the air feeling as though they owned the place, she was troubled by not knowing how to accurately judge them as they were clearly putting up a false front, too.

'Just… what kind of man is that Cui Wang…?' she couldn't help but ask herself this question whenever the discomfort towards the six palace maids passed from a troubled feeling to an unpleasant one. The person who had such unreadable and skilled maidservants couldn't be the wannabe of a prince the gossiping she had been hearing said.

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