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   Chapter 45 (End of Volume I)

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 5021

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The main entrance of the City Lord's House was different from its other entrances. There was a wide square right after you crossed it with polished flat stones as the floor and greenery around it.

The square had many people at the moment. There was a big light green carriage with pale yellow peonies as decorations pulled by four mighty White Cloud Horses blocking the main entrance; it was the model of carriage used by a Head Imperial Eunuch when they were sent to pass the words of the Emperor. The lateral sides of the carriage where the ones facing the main entrance and the square, so the twenty silver armoured Imperial Guards sent to protect the Imperial Decree where standing at the front and back sides of the carriage while facing the square with stern semblances.

The lateral side of the carriage that was facing the square had a closed door in the middle and before it, there was a small staircase with three steps and at each side of it, there were two rows of three palace maids each. But by the maid robes they were using, it was easy to tell that they belonged to two different palaces; the six maids to the left side were clad in a set of white and light green silk robes trimmed with silver thread and had serious faces while the ones to the right side were clad in a set of white and light blue silk robes lightly trimmed with pale yellow thread and had an out-of-place expressions on their pretty faces.

Opposite the palace people and at ten metres from them, there were stan

age with Our Fifth Prince, Cui Wang…"

'Hold on…' Huan Meirong opened her blind eyes involuntary as she had her head down, thinking without hearing the rest of the decree, 'It was really… this must be a bad joke, right?' Though she had expected it to be some sort of arranged marriage despite she being blind, she didn't think it was going to be with a Prince, was she for real going to be part of the Imperial Family yet again?!

"… Accept the Decree, " the Head Imperial Eunuch raised his voice as he finished.

Even so, Huan Meirong didn't react instantly; it was until she heard the worried voice of the City Lord whispering at her that she raised both of her arms, saying while hiding her reluctance, "Lady Meirong of General Huan Household humbly accepts the Son of Heavens' Decree."

As the Imperial Decree was placed on her hands, she thought inwardly, 'Oh, well. Accepting the decree doesn't mean I will follow it.' She did have that intention but… things never go the way one wants…

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