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   Chapter 43 Undesired Presences

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 4101

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With everything having been done, as she was bypassing the bed to go back to her own courtyard, Huan Meirong remembered, 'Right, I might not have a Kinship Blood Stone yet but I will get one latter so as not to make another trip, let's take some of his blood now.' She turned around with her thought and went to the City Lord′s bedside; she took out a jade bottle and made a small puncture in one of his toes, letting drops of blood fell slowly into the jade bottle.

"All done, then, " she whispered after keeping the jade bottle and make sure that the puncture was closed. Then, she returned to her backyard without any mishap. For the next two days her daily life went back to what she had been doing and the night of that second day when her soul strength had been recovered to the fullest, she entered the marquis-shaped black stone to begin the refinement of the liquids and pills that will make smoother her cultivation.

As her alchemy with only the soul was still so-so, she chose to refine the easiest of the liquids from her list. It was the Body Strengthen Liquid which required of only three herbs to make. However, despite being so, she had to divide the refinement process in two as she needed to take a break t

so she got up from them three hours before noon and ate breakfast with Zhi'er; she got a headache too, though.

'What's with them? Don't they have anything better to do? Even the previous person only stayed as I danced, ' she thought while eating. Aside from being stressed, she was going mad, how was she supposed to cultivate and even more so, how was she going to enter the space of the little black stone if unknown people were keeping an eye on her?

Even though she didn't feel any soul sense as a way to watch her as she was inside the cottage, she could feel how sharp their eyesight was; it was as though they could see her every move. Hence, that day she was totally idle and didn't do anything aside from eating and taking air in her backyard during the day while in the night she did her usual dance.

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