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   Chapter 42 Should I…

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Huan Meirong went to the east wing and entered the inner courtyards. She didn't know the exact location of the City Lord's courtyard but she knew that it should be the most tightly guarded and that was near Yu Lanlan's courtyard.

The facade of Yu Lanlan's courtyard came to her sense along with its heavy guard.

'Thinking now, the City Lord must be in Yu Lanlan's courtyard…' such thought popped on her mind as she was pondering in which direction she should focus.

'The probability of that is indeed high, ' she nodded as if answering to herself. 'While that can be right, this liquid isn't something for just a day so I will first go to the place with less probability of having people cuddling together, ' she shivered before leaping towards the west part of the east wing inner courtyards; she had found what she thought it was the City Lord's courtyard.

The opulence of that courtyard was similar to the one in Yu Lanlan's backyard as it was built with lavish materials displayed in a classy way, though the former had the elegance of a mighty tiger while the latter had the one of a pure fragrant flower.

She bypassed the outer and inside guards with utmost care and entered into the chambers. She went to the one with books and bamboo slips, 'This should be his study room?' she guessed. She scanned the room and found a jade box with incense sticks in a small ledge beside a golden censer; she took them out and coated them with the Shrouded Shame Liquid. She waited for them to dry and placed them back before going to his main chamber to do the same.

*Sigh* She breathed in relief once she was out and at a good distance from the City Lord's courtyard; thought she was confident in her concealing skills, having people many levels powerful around her wasn't something she felt good about.

Being seated behind a shrub at one hundred paces from Yu Lanlan's courtyard, she thought deeply, 'Should I go right now? Or should I wait?' The City Lord hadn't been on his courtyard so he must be in Yu Lanlan's. Last time she had made her expedition at three in the morning, when she had entered Yu Lanlan's main chamber it had been even later and they had been effusively at it that she had to wait with her senses off till they finished.

'Ughh, whatever, it's just a guess so I will first confirm and then I will see what follows.' With her decision made, she went out of the shrub and slipped between the loopholes of the guardsmen to enter Yu Lanlan's courtyard again.

When she came before the

protective formation, she didn't think it twice and poked her head in, 'Huh?! All quiet?' she raised a brow up; had her guess been wrong?

She extended her soul sense till the bed with reluctance, 'Sleeping?' she tilted her head when she saw two embraced people breathing smoothly.


'Great, I won't have to waste more time.'

She came to the bedside and she pressed their sleeping acupuncture points before doing anything in the chamber.

Then, she went to the censer that was beside the boudoir on a ledge; a fresh bamboo incense was coming from it. She coated with the liquid three different kinds of incense sticks that were on three different jade boxes. The incense sticks weren't many as they were pretty costly, and only summed seven between the three boxes.

As she waited for them to dry, she opened the lid of the censer and took out the lighted incense stick, she coated the fourth end of the half-finished incense stick and put it back.

After having put the lid on the censer, she went to check the condition of the two people.

'Ten days? Did she run out of the Red Charm Liquid?' According to her previous estimations, if Si Xuli had used the Red Charm Liquid as frequent as she thought, the City Lord should have begun to have issues with his third leg in about five days but now it will be in ten days.

'Haa-h, it doesn't matter, I guess. Sooner or later it will happen, as long as it isn't found on time, of course.' The side effect because of overuse of the Red Charm Liquid could be quelled if detected on time; that's why Huan Meirong made the Shrouded Shame Liquid as it hid the peculiar smell that begins to spread with the overuse and it also masked the side effect, making all look normal.

She walked to the other side of the bed and checked Si Xuli's body, 'Pregnant as I thought so she did indeed run out of the Red Charm Liquid or… could have she stopped the usage of it…?' When "that" was made under the effect of the Red Charm Liquid, women won't get pregnant.

'Well, whereas it is the former or the later, the inevitable will happen thanks to my little aid. Moreover, this increased the odds of the other concubines getting pregnant. It seems that luck is on their side too, ' she shrugged her shoulders. In fact, she didn't care much about it; though she had put into it some effort, she considered her main gain having got the gist of refining with just the soul force. If she had wanted to truly harm them, she wouldn't have chosen such a passive way.

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