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   Chapter 41 Sprinkling Powder

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Even though Huan Meirong speech was in care for him, Zhi'er took it too seriously, "Ah, no, no…"

'Ah, this little kid, ' she thought before calling out his name, "Zhi'er."


"Sleep." Due to the lack of strength on Zhi'ers voice, she was sure that the little kid hadn't slept at all, hence the order.

"Huh?" Zhi'er was confused.

Huan Meirong didn't explain herself immediately but she first extended her hand with the empty bowl of water.

Zhi'er took the empty bowl by reflex, and then heard, "It is night already, isn't it?" If the time Zhi'er said was right, it should be around ten in the night.

"Ah, aye, aye..." He felt ashamed, how he couldn't understand his miss meaning when it was so dark despite the candles' light. Nonetheless, it couldn't be helped, his miss had just awakened and he hadn't the mind to think about what hour it was.

"But... isn't the eldest miss hungry? Zhi'er can..."

"Nay, don't bother with it. I will also be back to sleep." It wasn't true, she was going to study the recipes again but she first wanted the child to sleep.

"Ahm… aye." At length, after a bit of hesitation, he nodded; it wouldn't be good to insist more or his miss might get angry. Therefore, he went to sleep after having turned off the candles.

Huan Meirong shook her head helplessly when the little kid fell asleep like a rock right after he lay on the bed, 'This kid.'

*Sigh* She pressed his sleeping acupuncture points and then, went i

he belly. She opened it and sprinkled inside the Three Warm Suns Powder. She closed it and returned it back to its place for the powder to make its work. Then, she looked for more of the medicated warm bags and did the same.

'One less, two more to go, ' she thought as she put back in place the medicated warm bags.

She went out and localized the courtyards of the other two favoured concubines she had selected. She repeated her actions after arriving into her courtyards, she first verified she wasn't in the wrong courtyard and then went to their main chamber and sprinkled the powder on at least five medicated warm bags.

*Sigh* She went out of the last courtyard she had visited and climbed a tall tree.

'All done, the rest will depend on their luck; I can't bother to do more than this even if it is to trigger that Si Xuli, ' she shrugged her shoulders as she oversaw the concubines' courtyards.

'Now, it is time to pay a visit to that "dear father" of mine…'

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