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   Chapter 38 I Was Right

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 3392

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The bowl of porridge had come back to be the same as the beginning, cold and tasteless but Huan Meirong didn't care much. As long as her stomach didn't grumble and she wasn't at risk of malnutrition which could hinder her in her cultivation, she will endure it; moreover, this food made her remember the days where she was dedicated to her training, which had been more than a decade ago, making her maintain her focus and not grew indulgent.

*Gulp* It was good the porridge had no flavour as Huan Meirong was gulping down the food without a reserve and it wasn't because of hunger but because she wanted to enter into business mode soon.

*Cough. Cough, cough*

*Pat, pat*

*Cough* She chocked a bit when she ate the last spoon of porridge but it was quickly subsided after some patting in her chest.

"Eldest miss, here… some water, " After a couple of minutes, Zhi'er came to her with a ragged breath. The little kid had run back and forth and walked into a few circles; when he had heard her chock he ha

ng the contents; she was also visualizing the process to engrave till the deepest of her mind the recipes.

But she had a limit; she stopped when she felt her head heavy and let herself fall asleep without much thinking, forgetting completely Zhi'ers existence. Because this time his miss hadn't told him to not come pass the division screen, he from time to time had come to her to see if she needed something but every time he had found her in the same position; all quiet and with her eyes closed as she sat cross-legged. Therefore, he hadn't dared to interrupt her.

Now, he was seated in the floor with his head hanging; he had fallen asleep in his dutiful waiting.

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