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   Chapter 37 Not Worth It

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After a minute of being aghast because of her good landing, Huan Meirong recalled in her mind the question she had pronounced before, 'Impossible, ' she thought before getting out of the bed to take a cold bath; she was all sweaty and if she remained like that, she wouldn't be able to have a good rest.


"Auch, " Huan Meirong whined when she was near the bathtub; one of her feet had hit an old metal small bucket.

"Geez, that old thing wasn't supposed to be here. Tsk…" She raised her left leg and rubbed her foot as she supported herself with the bathtub. Because she already knew every corner of this place and with the plus of she letting her soul force restore, she didn't spread her soul sense; things were also supposed to be let on their corresponding places so this was upsetting for her.

*Woo* She blew away the strands of hair that had fallen to her face, thinking as she went near the wall beside the bathtub where a meter high rectangular wooden box with her extra and somewhat clean robes were, 'Anyone can make a mistake, I guess…' Zhi'er had indeed forgotten about it; it was good that the little kid was so placidly sleeping that

ngs down one by one.' In fact, she could recover her soul force quicker as there was a fruit that could replenish soul force in the pagoda but she didn't want to waste it in such a thing; it was not worth it in her eyes, though it was annoying having to wait and she felt like complaining all the time.

"Eldest miss?"

"Oh, right. Bring it to me. I will eat while on the bed."

Zhi'er gave her a bowl of porridge before rushing back to get a spoon and the tray where the food was brought. He arranged the things for her to eat and then, he went back to eat his bowl of porridge in the table; his miss must want to eat there because she was still tired so he shouldn't bother her, that's what he thought.

Huan Meirong didn't stop him; she wanted her space, indeed.

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